Step 2: Run or Install Script

Picture of Run or Install Script
Running the script on your 'Victim's computer is the hardest part of this entire prank.  I have named the script 'cdupdt' as it is easy to notice when I'm looking for it.  You could name it whatever you want, the sneakier the name the better.

If you can get access to their computer for even a few seconds, you can run the script once and then it will never happen again (Unless you change up the timing in the code).  The script will not run any windows, or anything in the task bar, the only item you can see is an entry in the Process Manager as 'wscript.exe'.

The ideal situation would be if you had a bit more time than someone getting up to go to the photocopier:

1) On most computers there is an icon for 'My Computer' on the desktop, Right Click and go to Explore.
2) If you navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup then put the script in that folder, every time the computer is loaded into windows the script will run.