The Hawk a K'nex Weapon (+ Video)


Introduction: The Hawk a K'nex Weapon (+ Video)

About: Retired from instructables now. I am going over to YouTube so check me out at "knextreme productions"!

First semester finals are over, I'm sick, and I have a three day weekend! Time to drag out the K'nex!

The hawk is my test platform (test bed) for some design ideas and other things that I am testing. I have been testing using spacers instead of inner frame, finammo mags ( I need help with designing the mags and the mech. If interested please contact me) and a few other ideas on the gun.


Range: ~50 ft

Mag: preloadable yellow rod mag ~25 RDS


7 Layers



Instructions: if someone wants them YES

YouTube link:

* If interested in working on the finammo mags ( I am using shells) leave a comment



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    Awesome design! Also, nice idea using grey spacers underneath the firing pin to reduce friction! Favorited.

    Thanks! We should do a collaboration sometime. You should really be active again because I think that the community is growing again.

    Eh, I kinda cycle through hobbies. Right now I prefer working on things with metal and wood. Maybe some other time.

    Fin ammo mags? I've been a bit curious of this myself, though I figured It'd be best suited for a slingshot mech and using connectors on the ammo to help with feeding. What are you trying to do? Use shells to fold the fins inside or something?

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    Yeah! I want to use the shell mag but fold up the fins in the shells.

    Hmm I had a similar thought once, though I imagine there'd be a lot friction, potentially deforming the fins as it attempts to fly out. You're better off trying to store the ammo in such a way that the fins don't interfere with each other or the barrel. But who knows, maybe the shell trick will work.

    Like I said on YouTube, great job! I really like the pictures!