The High-Tech Prepper BOSS. (Basic Outdoor Survival System).

Picture of The High-Tech Prepper BOSS. (Basic Outdoor Survival System).
OK, So I'm not the average prepper.. For one, I refuse to leave behind some of the stuff, that I consider, basic comforts of life. There are many excellent   BoB bag Instructables so I won't go into detail about those things that are common to the majority of the survival bags, rather,  I will focus on the things that  I consider "essential" , and have been left out of most "comprehensive"BOB systems,  and share some of the gadgets I have that you might want to include in your  bag.

The one "essential" trait that a prepper should have is to be a bargain hunter, 99% of the stuff in my BOSS, were acquired in the clearance racks,  on sale, or highly discounted from the major superstores.( ie. Target, Wall Mart ,K mart.. Marshalls, etc)

I really don't differentiate between Prepping and going out camping as the two of them require me to survive ant thrive out of my comfort zone, so you can also use this guide as an essential camping equipment check list.

Let's start the "show & tell"
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Step 1: Contents

Picture of Contents
To be more organized, I  divided the contents into categories:

Food / water
Hunting gathering.
First aid/ Medical
Energy / Lighting
Communications / networking
Security /surveillance  
Personal defense
Tools / utility
Personal hygiene / toiletries
Entertainment / Comfort

Step 2: FOOD / WATER

Picture of FOOD / WATER
This is a very basic kit that is in one of the carry on / back packs. It does not include the protein bars , dehydrated food, and MRE's that every family member has and is responsible for.
oldmicah1 year ago
Pretty neat. How much does your boss weigh?