Step 2: Make the head

If you're going to make the Hight Writer you might as well start with the head. The head consists of the water bottle holder that secures the paint can, the mechanisms that spray the can and counter-weights.

Fabricate the Head

First you must fabricate the wood risers and support panel.

1. Download this PDF file and print it actual scale. Use it as a template to help you (a) cut a 6-inch by 13.5-inch panel out of the 1/8th-inch handyboard and (b) drill a number of holes using a 3/16th or 13/64th drill bit.

2. Cut two riser blocks from the balsa wood using a mitre box and saw.

The wheel riser block will be:
2.35-inches x 2-inches x 1.35-inches

The brake arm riser will be:
2-inches x 2-inches 1.2-inches

3. Using the holes in the panel as your template, mark and drill matching sets of holes in the riser blocks.

Assemble the head

Use the #8-32 bolts and nuts, using washers where appropriate, to attach both risers, edger attachment, brake arm and water bottle holder. If your water bottle doesn't line up with the generic holes in the template you will have to experiment with the location of the bottle once you assemble the rest of the head. You can leave the actual brake pad on the arm use it as the contact point with the spray-can cap, or you can make your own contact surface like we did with a 2-inch x 2-inch piece of 1/4-inch Plexiglas. Check the attached images and photo notes for more specific info.

Tighten the C-clamps down on the bottom of the support panel as pictured. This help the system stay flush to the wall.