Step 15: Chapter 4- Terrain Molding & Casting- 5: Casting

Picture of Chapter 4- Terrain Molding & Casting- 5: Casting
  Prepare your mold for casting with a heavy spray of Ease Release.  Mix a batch of Smooth Cast 65D and brush it into your mold to create a sturdy impression coat.  You’ll want to fill the rest of your mold with a lighter weight resin and for that you’ll be using Feather-Lite.  Feather-Lite mixes with 1:1 ratio like the 65D.  The both Part A & B of the Feather-Lite will separate while they’re in their containers and will require a lot of stirring before you combine each component.   Mix a batch and pour.  The Feather-Lite will require at least 2 hours for it to cure.  Mix and pour as many batches as necessary until the mold has been completely filled with resin.  Also, and this is important, make sure that the mold is level when pouring your resin or the house will not sit right on the terrain.