Step 3: Design the vortex chamber

Picture of design the vortex chamber
look below at the schematic I made. You'll notice there are TWO types of vortex chambers, the Archimedes screw, and the opposing jet (this is what I used, but I plan to test the Archimedes screw soon)

So, depending on which one you want to build, you may, or may not need the T fitting for the air lines.

the Archimedes screw does NOT need the T fitting. but needs 1/4" air lines
the opposing jet design DOES. can use either 1/4 or 1/8 lines

now, the archimedes screw all that's different about it, is that you need to drill ONE hole instead of two, and you must design the one spin spiral (does not need to be perfect, just has to be smooth)

we'll discuss the two opposing jet design. HOWEVER, please note, the archimedes screw must fit into the 3/4" pipe. Also note that the "two piece washer sandwich" below, is what both of them will be. the indentations are JUST so that the PVC pipes have somewhere to slot into. They're glued in place then screwed together so the washer is sandwiched between them.
ScienceWiz5 years ago
I have a question about the Archamedes Design

In the picture, there is a weirdly shaped white space in the center of the design, is this supposed to be cut out? Left intact? or is the white space just unnecissary?

From the look of it, the Archamedes design looks like the Opposing jets but with only 1 tube (that is double the size). Other then the number of tubes leading into it, it looks pretty much the same. If you've had a chance to compare the 2, I would be really appreciative if you could share your findings, and also if you could explain the white space in the Archamedes design..

And great instructable! Very informative and very well put together