Step 7: Drill! (part III)

Picture of Drill! (part III)
Measure the outerdiameter of the washer (mine was a little bit under 1 3/8") and pull out the corresponding spade or mortising attachment. The bit should be just slightly larger then the washer.

Here's the deal, drill down with the spade bit until the flat part starts to catch (please make sure the thing is centered first!) once this happens, stop, and pull the spade out. You'll have left a nice circular indention. (if you used the mortising attachment just drill down enough so that the washer can sit flush, or just above being flush.)

we need an indention so the washer will fit flush in there and not interfere with the two halves coming together in the "washer sandwich". so, move on and I'll show you what to do.
I have had on several occasions, the need for a 'stepped' bore similar to the above picture. One of the requirements was that the two bore sizes be concentric.

I find it easiest to start first with the large shallow bore so I still have material in the hole with the centering pilot from the big bit to target the smaller bit with.