This is a very simple version of knitting in the round. I also like to call this the No-Sew Knitted Bag pattern. What makes this stitch so simple is that it only requires knowledge of two stitches, and you use two normal needles instead of the typical 3 double pointed or circular needles. (Warning: This is not exactly the same as knitting in the round. You will have a rib of knitting on either side of your bag from your side stitches.)

What you need to knit this stitch:

- 3 knitting needles: a normal pair and one for temporarily holding stitches at the end.
- Yarn

What you need to know how to do:

- Cast on
- Knit stitch (abbreviated K)
- Slip stitch (abbreviated Sl)
- Casting off

Step 1: Casting On

Alright, here we go! Start by casting on twice the number of stitches you "need". In other words, if you intended your pattern to be 20 stitches wide, you will need to cast on 40 stitches. 
So I understand how to do the pattern but I'm confused as to how it works.

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