Picture of The Holospace
The Holospace is a concept for a truly 3d way to interact with your computer.  It would allow for some very sci-fi interfaces and hopefully make 3d modeling and CAD a lot easier. It could display nearly any object and sense your hands or other objects to allow you to interact with the computer in 3d. In this instructable, I will show you how it would work, and then show you how I made it in 123D Design. If you like this Instructable, it would be great to get your vote for the 123D Design Challenge!

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Step 1: The Display

Picture of The Display
One of the biggest parts of this is the display. It runs using four projectors, a head-tracking camera, and some shutter glasses. The projectors project onto a four sided box of glass covered in rear-projection film. Using the camera and some markers on the glasses, the computer gets the position of your head and can then adjust what it shows to make it look 3d. Here is a video with a good example of how it works:
The shutter glasses would be used with the projectors, which are 120hz, to show a different image to each eye making the illusion even stronger, or to allow two people to share the workspace.

Step 2: The Cameras

Picture of The Cameras
The other big part of the system is the object tracking cameras. There are two infrared cameras (the ones on the sides, the one in the middle is for head-tracking), and three high power infrared LEDs. Using an algorithm similar to the leap motion, it would turn it into a point cloud, which can be used for detecting objects, gestures, touches, or any other interactions. It would also allow it to use the four sides as giant touch screens as well.

Step 3: How To Make It pt.1

Picture of How To Make It pt.1
The first step in making this in 123d is to create the glass box that will be projected on. I made it with just four cubes stuck together, but I didn't use the combine->join tool just yet, and you will see why in the next step.
eq8or1 year ago
But you can't stop light without complicated physical aperatus, this wouldn't work, it might work and a kinect-esque thing, but this isn't a 'holo-space' because it can't project onto air. Oh and in case you use this: 1 way glass is just half silvered glass, one room is dark and the other is bright, meaning that one side looks like a mirror, and the other glass :P. Nice concept though
eq8or eq8or1 year ago
*as a kinect-esque thing
mateukmiec1 year ago
wow cool