The Holy Grail





Introduction: The Holy Grail

i was fortunate enough to get a knock on my door , which was the vicor who also loves woodworking.

any way he drove me to a church which was being renovated.

and there was timber everywhere , and the vicar said just help yourself .

,so not being greedy i took what i needed to make a bigger bench.

now i measured up and sawed what i needed to make a bigger bench.

Step 1: Glued and Kreg Joinery

now i placed the bar clamps out.

layed 2 lengths on the clamps.

then using wood glue making sure the timber is square all round.

then tightened the lengths of timber on the bar clamps .

and let it bond

Step 2: Shellac

with the 3rd length.

i used my kreg pocket hole jig which works like a dream.

then i placed the pocket hole filler knocked it in snugly.#

then added 3 coats of button shellac.

and now i have the bench i have been wanting for a long time.

thanks for looking.

take care and have a good day

Step 3: Making an 8 Ft Bench



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    Wow! Great find!


    and thanks for your comment,

    yes i was fortunate and i still have a few 2x2 and i big block which im sure i will find use for but the wood given to me has made the bench i have wanted for a very long time,you take good care my friend