Step 10: Cover the Holy Hand Grenade

Roll out a piece of gold colored fondant (tint with 10 drops of yellow to 1 drop of red) and cover the ball cake.  It may bunch up a little at the bottom, that's OK because we're going to cover that up later.  Now get out your alcohol again and some gold luster dust.  Mix a tiny bit of alcohol with some luster dust and paint your Holy Hand Grenade a lovely shade of gold.  You may have noticed that the Holy Hand Grenade looks a little lumpy, that's OK too, the original looked suspiciously like it was made from a coconut.
Thank you!! i had a headache and saw this..made me laugh to bits (big fan)..now i am inspired to make this cake..
YES!!! I love it!! So clever!!!
GREAT cake!!!!
This has to be the most awesome cake I've ever seen. You, sir, are full of win. I totally want this as my next birthday cake.
You're very welcome, my good sir.
Will we be snuffed if we eat the Holy Hand Grenade?
only if u are naughty in His eyes...<br>
Who got to eat the Holy Pin? :oD
We don't know, he took it with him. He may be preserving it as the holy relic that it is :)
It's the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, the cake that Brother Maynard carries!
Three sir. . . Three!
This is one of those things that you did not know you needed, until you saw it. I now need one. Thanks! :D
<br><br>Pie Jesu domine, dona eis requiem<br><br><br>Brother Manard, How does one eat the Holy Handgrenade of Antioch Cake?
Yes! This is awesome!
Thanks sooooo much our church is having a bake sale next week and i definitely going to make this.
Awesome! Post a pic.
YES. YES. YES.<br><br>Edible EPIC!!!nes.<br><br>I'll add this to the list. <br><br>Fruit bats, orangoutangs, breakfast cereals, anchovies, carp, lambs and sloths, <br><br>cake made in the image of thy most holy hand grenade. <br><br>NOM NOM NOM
Ekky ekky ekky f'tang!
I want at least ten! (that's my way of saying I like it)
Epic! Tim would be verily proud.
This is our first ible? Awesome! Great job. Also, as one who watched &quot;Monty Python&quot;s Flying Circus&quot; on PBS a few centuries back, I'm glad to know there are still people who appreciate genius grade insanity.
Thanks! it is my first one. I figured an undertaking as important as the Holy Hand Grenade should be duly documented. I was pleasantly surprised that most of the office recognized it right away when it was wheeled in for the unsuspecting recipient.
Now do the same thing again, but as a prank and have it blow up in someone's face. Just like it should.
LOL. I can see it now...
Blessed is thy cake. With it may you serve slices in tiny bits.
AHHH! You said the word! I will say Ni to you, unless you bring me a shrubery!
Is it &quot;and&quot;? No? Well in that case I shall say....... IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT!
Monty Python :D.
lol that thing killed a rabbit this one has so much sugar it'll kill anyone who eats it XD
Looks great. Seems like you spent a lot of money on a cake, though.
Thanks! I already had all of the equipment, so the groceries didn't cost too much.
No one expects this...<br> <br> <sub>you might want to footnote your ible before someone goes jihading with it.</sub>
One Two Five... I mean three
This cake is the most holiest of all thou cakes. We obviously must put it on a pedestal in the Vatican with guards surrounding me.

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