The Home-made Industrial style Dining table

Picture of The Home-made Industrial style Dining table

We just moved to a new house and needed dining table for 4-5 people. We have spent quite some money for all the renovation, so a ready-made dining table is too costly for me. I googled to find if there was anything I can do about it and so I thought of my own industrial style DIY project for the weekend.

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Step 1: Materials for the works

Picture of Materials for the works

Material List:

- 18mm or thicker (25mm) plywood or hard wood, or pallet planks if you have

- 25x50mm box steel (or 30x60mm or greater if you want it to look bolder). 1,5mm thick is strong enough.

- Power tools including a welding transformer

- Screws and miscellaneous items (rubber spacers)

Step 2: ​Prepare the table top

Picture of ​Prepare the table top

- My table dimension is 700x1500mm (for 6 people). So I cut the board of ply wood into this width and length.

- Cut 2 stripes at 100x1500mm and 2 stripes at 100x500mm from plywood to pretend the thick look of hard wood board to match the design. Cut the stripes at 45* using the miter saw

- Aligning the edges to the table top’s edges & nail the stripes to the underside of the table top.

- Ok, set it aside and let’s make the legs

Step 3: Cut the steel for the legs

Picture of Cut the steel for the legs

- Cut the steel into dimensions. The image’s the draft dimension of the leg.

- Table height is 750mm (exclude table top). So we need 4 pieces of 720mm steel for the legs. 30mm spare is for the rubber spacers.

- The inset width is 500mm. We cut 05 pieces of 450mm (for shorter aprons) (exclude 25mm on each shorter side of the 25x500mm box legs)

- The inset length is 1300mm. So we need 2 pieces of 1200mm (for longer aprons) (exclude 50mm of each longer side of the 25x50mm box legs)

I'm sorry that I didn't take any photo of the pre-cut steel as my hands was too dirty with oil to touch the camera.

What did you do to get the table so shiny? It went from plywood looking to very shiny and reflective. Sanding and varnish of some sort?

RnP (author)  maxtheflasher1 year ago

The plywood that I purchased has PU finish on one side. You can use spray gun to have the same thing but it will save you much time to buy ready-made plywood. The cost is not much different.

The table is gorgeous! :)

RnP (author)  doodlecraft1 year ago

Thanks for your nice comment :)