Feeling the heat this summer? With temperatures sometimes exceeding 115 degrees (at least where I'm at) a way to cool off is certainly important. With these thoughts running through my arguably fevered mind I decided to do something about it! Behold THE HUMIDIFIER my original design for a latex powered squirt gun. Feel the power and sheer brutality that is latex-power, DIG IT, WHOOOOOO!

Step 1: Component Acquisition

or "Grab all the stuff you'll need and bring it to your work bench"

Now there's a good bit of freedom in this design so if you have anything that's "pretty close" to these parts already lying around then by all means use it!

now for the part list:
1: A bottle of NOS energy drink (or more specifically the cap from one)
NOTE! you can use anything here . . .I just like the style of the cap.
2: Two pieces of wood(preferably water resistant wood) about 1" square
3: Two bolts 3.5 inches long
4: Two nuts that fit the bolts
5: A 27 inch piece of ABS or PVC pipe (the only reason i used abs was that black looks cooler . . .PVC is usually cheaper) with a diameter of 2 inches
6:Two end caps for the pipe(obviously the two inch variety)
7: Several zip ties
8: A nylon insert for the nozzle(see pictures . . .experiment with different sizes)
9: A nylon insert that goes from 1/4inch (the insert end) to 1/2inch threads
10: A 1/2 inch PVC ball valve
11: A 1/2 inch to hose attachment(it's got that rotating bit to screw onto a standard garden hose)
12:(optional but highly recommended) a "quick release" hose attachment

AND !!! of course the most important bit, A 17 inch piece of 1/4 inch latex tubing(surprisingly this was rather hard to round up . . . .I've heard that home depot sells it but i went to a couple of em and no one had it . . . i eventually found it at ACE hardware.

Tools Needed:
1: a vise comes in mighty handy for holding things still while you drill holes and cut the fill level slot
2: a drill and bits for it(you'll need a 3/4 inch bit, a bit a tad smaller than your nozzle, and a bit the same size as your bolts.
3:A knife - the sharper the better but do be extra careful . . . lacerations cast some serious shadows on any project . . .
4: A dremel (or other rotary tool with high rpm) tool and a cutoff disc(they're these little ceramic discs that work great for cutting things quickly)

MOST IMPORTANT!!!!! A very generous helping of safety! there are a lot of dangerous tools here so if you are wise you'll have someone there to make sure you aren't going to hurt yourself!
Nice, simple water gun.<br/><br/>I don't know if you've seen my website but we have several projects that use stronger latex tubing. The stuff hardware stores sell is really inadequate compared to what you can find easily on the internet. Check out some of my guides to see how to find and use larger latex tubing: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sscentral.org/homemade/">http://www.sscentral.org/homemade/</a><br/>
&nbsp;OMG!!!!!! &nbsp; YOU own that site???!!! &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!! &nbsp;Do you mind if I add some of your 'ibles to my budding group????? &nbsp; &nbsp;(League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
I don't have any instructables, but you're welcome to link to the website. You don't need my permission to link to my website.<br />
excelletn! i was kinda hoping there was a way to get a stronger stream, thanks!
home improvement /hardware stores carry a variety of pvc/abs most of the time<br />
cool water gun! this summer i'm gona be trying to make a water shot gun that'l release an entire re-fil in one shot. i'tl probably just be modifying my super soaker flash flood coz it's broken atm :( also 'a way to cool off is certainly important' he says after firing the gun into a SWIMMING POOL!! lol
Thanks! after reading btrettel's comment and browsing his web page I'll definitely be looking into using some heavier duty tubing and constructing "The ReHumidifier" sometime soon. about the pool though . . .lol yeah . . .our pump was broken so couldn't go in then . . . two trenches, lots of re-wiring, and picking airsoft bb's and palm tree seeds out of an impeller later it's fixed :P
Cool! Next time put an air compressor hook up to it to make it really shot though. Nice instructable! Joe
yeah that was one of my original ideas but then you get into a lot of extra cost for fittings and whatnot . . .maybe some other time

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