Step 4: Pitch (up-down steering)

The hinge for the pitch is made in a similar way, on the other side of the reciever/servo unit. First a 1,5 cm balsa "beam" is glued in a "T" to the main beam. It is important to put the pivot point high enough to make room for the motor connector and to make sure the control rod can move freely when "giving down".

Here the "moving part" of the hinge is chosen larger as it will actually become the fixed support to be attached to the blimp. Three balsa "beams", are glued to this part, to be attached to the inflated balloon. They are stuck on the balloon with some double sided tape, one by one. This is done by removing the protective layer on the second piece of double sided tape only after the first is stuck in place. T The third one is done proceeding the same way.