I am sure everyone knows about the humble omelet that comes in handy when you are hungry, the following instructable shows my attempt over the traditional recipe with a twist , in case if anyone is wondering why its called as a hybrid omelet that's because its a cross between Spanish and cheese omelet,Hope you enjoy and relish it.

Step 1: Things You Ll Need

Main Ingredients:-

-Onions (1 or two depending on how much onions you like in your omelet)
-Potato   (one big potato should be enough)
-Mozzarella cheese (This again depends on your taste)
-Green chilly (2 or 3)

Additional stuff

-Soy sauce
-Chilly flakes
-Salt and pepper

Tools for the job:-

-A non stick pan like this one(http://salestores.com/stores/images/images_747/64281.jpg)

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