The Hydroponic, Automated, Networking, Climate Controlled Greenhouse Project Update (July 22, 2012)





Introduction: The Hydroponic, Automated, Networking, Climate Controlled Greenhouse Project Update (July 22, 2012)

This is a quick update to show what I've accomplished so far in the construction of my greenhouse. As usual I'm far behind schedule mainly due to weather, landscaping projects, work, etc. It's hard to find the time right now to write full instructables on my projects with the level of detail that I try to provide. I expect to have the hydroponics system as well as the climate control equipment installed and in working order just in time for the end of the growing season :( The programming however, is waaaaay over my head for the moment and I believe I'll be working on that all winter long.

I will try to make another one of these update slideshows in 1-2 months when I hopefully have a lot more done. Shortly after that I will try to write detailed instructables on how I did it all. Please subscribe to stay tuned.

I hope I've provided enough information in the details of the photographs. As always, if you have any questions, comments or constructive criticism I'd be happy to hear it. Thanks for looking!



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    Has this project continued or died off?


    What brand is the big enclosure you are using? the one with the transparent front door.

    Thank you.

    Hey I was wondering if you had a material list and as well the arduino code?

    Congrats, you should be proud! I don't know much about construction work, carpentry, let alone gardening, but I'm fond of your electronics - looks very professional, well-thought and clean; some industrial controller designers could learn from you :).

    Could you please for me refer this detail your poject? I like it. I like box control panel by arduino. I don't know how to make it. Please for me refer. thanks so much.

    My email:

    Congratulations for your project.

    I want to ask you what type and size of wires are you using on your project!

    I want to connect my arduino mega to my gsm shield,keypad,lcd and i dont know what type fo wire to choose

    Very nice work. how have you come along with the programming? I am a C++ developer and just about to embark on a similar project myself. Im intrigued as to why you used those large relays when you have 16 available rated at 10A/250V AC? Also, what is the item next to the large relays in the middle of the unit? Couldn't figure that one out :)