Hi!! I just Made this, Its a turreted sniper.
-Pump action!
-Shoots as far as a KnexSayer
-18 shots!
-good stock
-True trigger
- Looks scary!

- Heavy
-Kind of ugly
-Use's lot of parts


I've always preferred magazines to turrets. <br>Good gun though!
has there been a semi-automatic sniper posted yet? i want to have a gun accurate enough to shoot squirrels, but have multiple shots before i reload
Why do you want to shoot squirrels?
A: I have a lot in my neighborhood <br>B: My BB gun is broken <br>C: Who doesn't want to shoot stuff? <br>D: Dogs are--SQUIRREL!!! <br>...............AA......__...... <br>.............( 00 )../......\..... <br>.............\_T_/..|..(O.).... <br>...............UU...|....V......
your floor is very dirty with lots of knex pieces, and a very angry foot<br><br>But you have a nice gun
Nice gun, but there is just one thing in the description I just don't undertand...<br /> <br /> &quot;This is a great gun!&quot; <br /> <br /> and a few lines later...<br /> <br /> &quot;<strong><em>THIS&nbsp;GUN&nbsp;IS&nbsp;A&nbsp;PIECE&nbsp;OF&nbsp;SH**!<br /> I&nbsp;DON'T&nbsp;KNOW&nbsp;WHY&nbsp;I&nbsp;MADE&nbsp;IT!!</em></strong>&quot;<br /> <br /> What is that supposed to mean?
:-P Fixed. Thanks!<br />
POST<br />
Sorry, but I took it apart.<br /> But you should be able to build from the pictures.<br />
Dang. Ah, well... Guess I'll just have to settle for the bazooka I&nbsp;made...<br />
A sniper with a TR18 turret? NICE! :D POST!
No.... Sorry I took it apart.<br />
Its OK :)
Most of this is complete overkill. &nbsp;You are also sacrificing a decent foregrip for the sake of a string trigger.&nbsp; This is almost as big as the knexsayer, except it's not as good because it's not a pump action.&nbsp; If you want a good long ranged turreted gun just build the TR or something.<br />
Actualy its a ribon triger : )<br />
Who cares what it really is?&nbsp;&nbsp;It does the same thing.<br />
I know i was just bored and felt like leaving a random comment.<br />
I just finished adding a pump.<br /> Why do you hate me so much??<br />
I don't hate you. &nbsp;I don't hate your guns. &nbsp;I am giving criticism to help you improve on your future designs.<br />
Oh, Ok.<br />
he does that to everyone.............................................<br /> it gets rather intimadating sometimes, you should see what he does to new members.
Let me tell you a story...<br /> <br /> Once upon a time, I&nbsp;was a new member.&nbsp;&nbsp;I was eager to show off whatever crap I actually made.&nbsp; I&nbsp;got the same criticism from the members there at the time that I&nbsp;gave out. &nbsp;However, I&nbsp;learned from my criticism and took inspiration off of decent models to make the guns that get me here right now. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> I learned that quality has a standard and that noobs with guns below that standard are burying good models under piles of garbage.&nbsp; If you were here to see the list, it required 4 screenshots to take the full list (Probably up to about 7 by now if it didn't get banned but whatever). So to encourage noobs to search and put work into their guns before they post, I&nbsp;criticize. <br /> <br /> The end.<br />
&nbsp;Are you calling me a noob?!?!?!
No.&nbsp; Where in my story did I say &quot;Axiys zx is a n00b of epic proportions&quot;?<br />
Just the way you wrote it, seemed like that.............<br />
Looks clunky, oversized and sloppy. I would put a decent trigger on there and take off the fake barrel. <br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
I'm puting a good trigger on It.com<br />
It.com. This does not make sense. <br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
&nbsp;Kick@$$!<br /> <br /> Little overkill for a turreted tho!<br />
5stars, except take of the long fake barrel, it looks ____.<br /> part from that, good work.<br /> xD<br /> <br /> oh and dont forget to Post.
post post post post post<br />
&nbsp;that is awesome post post POSSSTTTT &nbsp;P.S. shut it dj
AWESOME! EPIC&nbsp;WORK&nbsp;MAN!<br />
&nbsp;COOl, with a barrel and all, but what's that string for?<br /> <br /> POST<br />
Trigger.<br /> <br /> AND POST!
epic! 5* post! call it the doomrifle!<br />
Thanks! I think that's a great name!!<br />
.....But I just thought of a name that fits this gun better.<br /> Sorry.<br />
k i under stand, i have a new gun coming out soon, a usp45!<br />
Sweet! Let me know if you post it!<br />
k, ill be posting in a few days<br />
no problem! <br />
this looks awesome P0$T it!!!!!<br /> <br /> <br /> get rid of the string first though<br />
Now THAT is what I call a gun. Looks a lot like the OSNJCKMAEH-IMSDLNB4 though.<br /> <br /> 4.5
&nbsp;friggin sweet post like hel i would name it dooms day sniper
Thanks! Glad you like it!
Cool, but here's some points:<br /> 1)&nbsp;Lose the string for rods, like Seleziona pointed out<br /> 2)&nbsp;The 18 barrelled knexsayer makes this a bit null and void, so adding a pump would be great (if it doesn't already have one)<br /> <br /> Overall though good job!&nbsp;:)<br />
Thanks! Yeah i'm working on that.<br />

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