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The "I love" light is a cool little project, I made from some scrap, that I had laying around. It is a nice, small glowing box and it is great as a present for the people you like.
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Step 1: Building the box

Picture of building the box
I made the box from some acrylic glass. I cutted the parts out and sanded them from both sides to get a misty look, then i glued the sides on the front and the box was finished.

Step 2: Paint it

Picture of paint it
You can use everything as a template, a name, a symbol,but I used "I Love Berlin" . I printed it, cutted the letters out and fixed it on the front of the box. I went outside and sprayed some spraypaint on it. After I removed the template I saw the result and i was surprised how cool it looked.

Step 3: The light

Picture of the light
To make the box light up, I used 
-a switch
-4 100 ohm resistors
and a 4,5V  DC Power supply.
I only used the red part of the LEDs, but I'm thinking about connecting all colors to my arduino soon.
I soldered everything together and hotglued it in the box. At last I tested it out glued the back on the box.

Step 4: Finish

Picture of finish
As you can see the final result is really nice. I hope you enjoyed my step by step and maybe you think you think about building own "I love" light now :). 
PS:If you liked it, I'd be happy with a feedback and maybe a  vote.
Shakizi1 year ago
Cool idea!
What was the current rating on the power supply you used?
led_freak (author)  Shakizi1 year ago
Thanks, I think the power supply had an output of 4,5V and 500mA
Do you think it would still work if my power supply is 5V and 2000mA? Or would the LEDs burn out too quickly? I'm pretty new to all this stuff.
led_freak (author)  Shakizi1 year ago
I guess it would work but you need a bigger resistor for 5V. Because of the 2000mA the LED's might get hot and that will reduce the lifespan. You've got to try it out.
Thanks! I'm gonna use this idea and make something similar for my girlfriend.