Step 6: Finishing the Support

After that, some strategically placed thick double sided tape was added to make sure the trestle shelves didn’t slide around, and the supports were ready to be put in place.
OMGosh...this is so particle and very, very nice looking. I can't build for crap, but i am willing to take a swing at this one. You and your father should make and sell these....lol
This is great! I have the same problem with my current drawing table, which I paint on and often need to adjust the angle to get the paint to flow in the right direction. The adjustable (and very cheaply made) knobs have broken, and I've resorted to using clamps to adjust the angle. Surprisingly easier than those stupid knobs, but not ideal. You've inspired me to craft my own, hopefully to be my first instructable post. <br />Perhaps I'll even integrate a coffee mug holder on a gimble... <br />Thank you, sir!
Thank you so much!! It works beautifully! It does make the height of the table taller when the table is flat so now I need invest in a drafting chair but still well worth it. Until then Ill just sit on a couple of pillows. :)
Your father is awesome!
I like the idea :D

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