Picture of The Idea-factory established 1983
My workspace!

The Idea-factory (est.1983) OPEN DAY

+ visit my factory
+ see where the magic happens
+ follow the process of a project from idea to product

I'm not a lousy drawer - that's what it actually lookes like :)

Step 1: Greycells - the workers

Picture of Greycells - the workers
Theese are my greycells - they do all the work at the idea factory (est.1983)

They have great working conditions
full coverage health care and dental benefit.
paid vacation

and a cafeteria full with cupcakes and other good stuff!

Advar2 years ago
LOL This is great- funny and simple! Nice!
I love this! I need a couple of those guys to move over in to my head.
urbanpirate4 years ago
this might be one of the most creative bits i have seen on this site.
Mimikry (author)  urbanpirate4 years ago
thank you :)

my brainstorm-greycells worked hard :)
they got the idea at night.