Picture of The Idea-factory established 1983
My workspace!

The Idea-factory (est.1983) OPEN DAY

+ visit my factory
+ see where the magic happens
+ follow the process of a project from idea to product

I'm not a lousy drawer - that's what it actually lookes like :)

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Step 1: Greycells - the workers

Picture of Greycells - the workers
Theese are my greycells - they do all the work at the idea factory (est.1983)

They have great working conditions
full coverage health care and dental benefit.
paid vacation

and a cafeteria full with cupcakes and other good stuff!

Step 2: Brainstorming - idea development

Picture of Brainstorming - idea development
An idea is born!

round the oval table are the most creative greycells in the factory sitting on padded red chairs.
They are called brainstormers and they usually work best at night - before my body falls asleep.

bouncing ideas around
drawing fancy things on the whiteboard

Step 3: Market research

Picture of market research
Some greycells do the market research for the brainstormers idea.
They try to find an answer to the following questions:

Do i need that?
Does the world need that?

If they answer one of the questions with a yes
the idea is passed over to the finaces and resource department

Step 4: Finance and resource department

Picture of finance and resource department
The staff of this department are typical accountants - they're cheap :D

They make sure that I'm not ending up broke after the project is finished and do exactly know all materials in the factorys stock.

If they're pleased with the idea they pass it fearfully to the HEADMASTER GREYCELL

Step 5: Lounge and cafeteria

Picture of Lounge and cafeteria
The Brainstormers usually wait for the decision in the factorys Lounge or cafeteria.

nice atmosphere
Good coffee and tea
finest cupcakes in town
and comfortable couches

Step 6: Headquarter

Picture of Headquarter
fancy art - shiney shoes - cigarrs on the mahoganydesk (certificated wood!)  -
comfortable leather chair-
smells like the office of the headmaster Greycell.

He decides if the project gets green light or if i'ts headed to the archives.

Step 7: The idea archiv

Picture of the idea archiv
if the headmaster Greycell dumpes an idea it's getting stored in the idea-archive.

The ideas are sorted in neat boxes and maybe used in the future - or forgotten like the blue bunny.

Advar1 year ago
LOL This is great- funny and simple! Nice!
I love this! I need a couple of those guys to move over in to my head.
urbanpirate4 years ago
this might be one of the most creative bits i have seen on this site.
Mimikry (author)  urbanpirate4 years ago
thank you :)

my brainstorm-greycells worked hard :)
they got the idea at night.