Introduction: The Igloo (Ice House)

I put a Christmas Tree Light with Neopixel I made. It was more beautiful than I expected!

As you can see, there are snow blocks side by side.

Each blocks are made by the molding printed by using 3d printer.

Let me share how to make it

Step 1: ​Download 3d Modeling

Picture of ​Download 3d Modeling

Download 3d modeling files using this link

Step 2: About Molding

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There is long strip on the one surface of block molding. It indicates upside.

It costs around 10 Euros for printing out.

Step 3: Print Out Modlings

Picture of Print Out Modlings

Print out one by one by using 3d printer

Step 4: How to Build Layer by Layer

Picture of How to Build Layer by Layer

You don't need to print out like this image. this picture just shows how to construct.

Each layer needs a one block molding
(If you have time, you can print out couple of block molding. because it takes time to make a snow block)

Step 5: Construction

Picture of Construction

You can make an igloo like this

One supplies pile of snow, the other makes a block using the block molding.

The roof is hard to make.
You need to use one or two blocks for finishing roof.

Step 6: Put Any Lights Such As Christmas Light

Picture of Put Any Lights Such As Christmas Light

You can put any of Christmas Tree Light. it will be amazing! if you are interested in making your own, click it.

Step 7:

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Swansong (author)2017-12-21

That looks really fun! :)

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