The Illuminated Ornament of Culture




Introduction: The Illuminated Ornament of Culture

The reason behind this ornament, is to show how connected we are as a world community. The ball features the phrase "merry Christmas" in over 20 languages that are different but at the same time similar. You can trace the origins of languages by looking at the similarities in spelling or characters found in each language. It truly shows that we aren't as different as we may think. You can either hang the ornament by a hook or stuff a string of lights in and hold it up. The lights will also illuminate the inside, thus projecting the words outward.

Step 1: Printing

This is my third entry for the 3D ornament contest. I also created this to raise money for my school's Science Olympiad program. This design is non-commercial share alike, however it may be used for charitable purposes. I'd recommend printing with PLA with the extruder set to 225C the print bed at 30C, extrusion speed at 75mms traveling at 155mms. You should use 3 shells, .22mm-.25mm layers, and 10%-25% infill depending on how fast you want to print it. Make sure to check out my other entries for this contest as well.



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