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I am to to Steampunk but would like to share something I made at work. I hope you like it


mvieke (author)2012-10-16

Very cool display piece. What does the plaque read?

I like your comment "something I made at work" ...Sounds like you have a cool job

razrose86 (author)mvieke2012-10-16

The plaque reads "In times of personal peril we recommend the Impirator cranial protective. As used by Captain Eightpanthers of Her Majesties Dirigible Dragoons, leader of the expedition to the Hindu Kush."
My job is as a Technology Technician at a school so I have access to various machines including a laser cutter. The helmet has been made for my head and I will upload pictures of me wearing it later. Most of the helmet is made from 4mm walnut with the iris made from acrylic, copper, brass and bronze. The remainder of the helmet is made from bits of copper tube, brass and various old valves and LEDs. The timepiece was found on line along with some ultrasonic cleaning baskets. As this was my first attempt a something steampunk I am pleased with the response. Total build time was about 6 months of dinner breaks.

Dominic Bender (author)2012-10-16

I second that - at first I thought it was a mask, but it does not look like there is room for a head inside. I assume the eyes can light up? Do the irises blink, or can they only be moved manually? What is it made of, especially the body?

It's a great piece, either way!

SHIFT! (author)2012-10-15

This would be great if you could add more of a description of what your project does! How did you make it?

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