The Improved, Improved Outer Tactical Vest Stand!





Introduction: The Improved, Improved Outer Tactical Vest Stand!

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Here is a IOTV (Improved Outer Tactical Vest) or body armor stand that I made for my office in Camp Bucca Iraq.   This vest weighed almost 65LBS.  While a bunch of people made similar designs, I took the time to make a “locking” bottom so I could store my Protective Mask and Combat Lifesaver bag.  I even counter sunk the screw heads and made plugs (using a leather punch) to put into the holes and sanded them flat.  This means that you couldn’t just unscrew the top and get inside.  This entire stand was made with items found in the metal scrap yard.  (yes, all the wood was in there as well.)  Talk about re-purposing!

I wish I would have thought to take pictures of it while I was building it, but I didn’t know about ‘ilbes back then!

Note, I was inspired to post this (and other) slideshow as a result of Frosty865’s question.  Here is a link to it…

And here is a link to my current blog as I’m deployed in Afghanistan.

Also, feel free to PM me if you have any questions on it!



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    Thats neat, I like the idea for storing the promask and CLS bag! I'm trying to figure out a way to keep our IOTV hung up and out of the way in the MRAP (MaxxPro).

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    Shouldn't you be wearing it in the MRAPs?  8>)  Seriously, if you find a way, let me know.  There is no extra room in there.

    BTW, I wish I would have gotten pics of the stereo we installed on one of ours.  The problem is, that a flash from a camera will set off the fire suppression system, and the pics without the flash never came out.

    I wouldent worry about the flash, we smoke in ours! A stereo would be awesome, I have speakers installed in my turret, I have seen someone who has an Xbox 360 and a 19 inch tv installed in the back. Its a little excessive, but when you're FOB hopping for days upon days, I guess it would be nice to play some Xbox at the end of the day, or while waiting to SP.

    It would be nice to get some thick metal hangers, and have the shop install a bar on the turret hatch, so when you take off your IOTV, you could just hang it on a hanger from the bar on the hatch. Thats about all I could think of that would keep them from being walked on and out of the way.

    Yeah, I agree.  I just couldn't come up with a better frame to hold the IOTV without it looking too symbollic.

    Thats kinda neat-o!
    But sir, what stops people from taking the whole thing?

    Although there are no thieves in the Army, everyone is just trying to get their stuff back.

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    This rack was in my office, so it wasn't open to anyone just to take.  They were very common on the post as most people had to bring them to work each day, but you didn't need to wear them all day.

    Great idea, but not too sure about the crucifix shape...

    I like the idea of a kit store in the base.

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    I assure you, it's not suppose to be symbolic, it's just the best shape to store the IOTV.

    But thanks.