The Incredible Edible Microwave Poached Egg





Introduction: The Incredible Edible Microwave Poached Egg

As unfoodie-like as the microwave may be, I’ve recently discovered this new technique for poaching eggs and HAD to give it a try! Imagine a perfectly poached egg in 1 minute, without the hassle or uncooperative whites.
Simply crack an egg into a mug filled 3/4ths with water, cover and microwave for 1min-1.15min, and…Voila!!!



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Great idea. Should water in the cup be cold?

I think you mean "Voila!!!"

Wow... good catch! Thanks.. that's most certainly what I meant!!

Sorry but, what you really meant was Voilà!!!

Thanks for the tip, I tried to do 2 at once, I put each egg in a separate ramequin, filled them with water, sealed them in plastic wrap and punched in 1:15. Both eggs came from the same dozen and of the same size but one's plastic wrap exploded and was overcooked with just a little liquid yolk left while the other was undercooked and needed 10 more seconds.  So I think your method of doing them one at a time is best and gives you more control.