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My name is Wolf Dilworth born on 30 October 1963, 10/30/63.  I thank you for considering my submission.

Sincerely, Wolf


Ranie-K (author)2012-09-03

Heia Norge! Your video thumbnail has a Norwegian flag in it..

wingnut510 (author)Ranie-K2012-09-07

Hallo Ranie

Yes, That image is from the mid 90's when I was stationed (US Navy) in San Diego Ca.. I had a really great roommate at the time from Norge, Oddveig was attending San Diego State and there was a small community of Scandinavians which I enjoyed being immersed in for about three years. "Odie" made the best Fisk Baller. Mmmmm the memories.

askjerry (author)2012-09-04

Very kool airplanes! Good luck!

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