Picture of The Indestructible USB Containment Unit
     Have you ever found yourself behind enemy lines in an alien environment with an important, top-secret message encrypted on a USB drive that could prevent World War III? No? Well, the following guide could assist you if the likely situation ever arises.
     This instructable will teach you how to make a full steel USB container. As the picture shows, it is large enough for it not to be lost yet small enough to fit in a briefcase or jacket. The USB exo-suit  can withstand brutal forces including the following: Drops onto concrete, drops into a body of water, extreme cold, open flame, the weight of a Isuzu Rodeo, hits from a metal bat, an attack by Godzilla (as far as we know), and an extremely violent shot from a nine foot air cannon pressured at 110 psi.
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Step 1: Step 1: Locate the Materials

Picture of Step 1: Locate the Materials
The following supplies are needed in either the construction of the container or to use as a tool in the process of making the container:
1/8 in 1.25x1.25 square steel tubing (length does not matter as much, ours was 6in.)
1/8 in flat steel 
2 lockable steel draw catches (usually come in packs of 2)
3-4 inch thick Floral foam
USB drive
Water sealant tape (sold next to electrical tape at Lowes)
(Optional) USB extension cable (this prevents the need of removing the USB drive from the container)
(Optional) Rust preventing spray paint/coating
(Optional) Lock mechanism
Chop Saw with a steel rated blade
Small, sturdy, thin object to hollow floral foam (dental pick, small knife, toothpicks)
Metal grinder
(Optional) Rust preventing spray paint/coating
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Viaticus1 year ago
Personally, I don't think there will be a WW3. I do, however, firmly believe that a zombie apocalypse is immanent and this will be great for preserving human history for future civilizations (...that colonize on our planet in the future)! :)

Very cool instructable...thanks for sharing it!
Zaqq (author)  Viaticus1 year ago
And when times get tough in the apocalypse, it could be used, in extreme cases, as a zombie bludgeoning device.
1tri2god1 year ago
but what about EMP's???
jk...nice job!
maybe try adding lead lining to the tube, that would help a bit.
very good instructable.
That should be covered as well since it's a Faraday cage.
Very good point
The government might want to buy this. It's one of the best indestructibles I've seen so far (not the easiest to build but oh well)

And that wallpaper is nuts
Zaqq (author)  shizumadrive1 year ago
Thanks man!
downincongnito11 months ago
Oh! Faraday Cage! Guess i should read all 1st!! Lol
downincongnito11 months ago
Is this also EMP proofed?
You're actually better off not using gloves when running a grinder as the gloves reduce your dexterity and can become caught in the wheel pulling your hand into the grinding disk.
Zaqq (author)  blakesusername1 year ago
I'll keep that in mind next time. It might get hot though...
Really cool usb stick case you made, for better watterprofing you can try the transparent sanitary silicone sealant, its flexible, transparent if you wanna remove the drive from it and it sticks nice to the interior of the pipe too, and it shud be thermal insulating. Dont use the nonflexible one, thats gonna get rock hard and will not protect from mechanical shocks.
Ramming1 year ago
Talking about EMP's and Faraday cages. A key point for a Faraday cage to be functioning, is that the device or person protected by the cage, must not be in contact with the sides of the cage. When we talk this build it's possible that this wouldn't be a operational Faraday cage because the distance between the cage and the device is very small, and EMP's can cause high current and voltage surges which can jump over/through non-conducting materials if they not made for high voltage. Furthermore if any metal on the usb device come in contact with the sides, it will definitely not work as a Faraday cage.
How does it stand on nuclear radiations, chemical exposure, and bacteriological hazard ?…

Then again beware of anything that remind of a cooking pressure pot !!… :/
dlebrun1 year ago
This is amazing! So, can you do something for external hard drives? I didn't realise how sensitive they were and my husband knocked over 2 1T units and crashed them.I had just cleared off EVERY computer I had info stored on (about 25 years worth) thinking this would be safer.
I really want to make sure it doesn't happen again.
Zaqq (author)  dlebrun1 year ago
Thanks for the compliment. I do not believe making one of these for a HDD would be very difficult but I would have to change the design of the shell. The only thing i can think of would be cutting multiple pieces of flat steel and welding them into a box shape. I do not think this would be as strong is the tubing that I used though. I will most likely move on to more projects though, as I am happy with this current build. Meanwhile, you could store them in a small safe since I doubt you take your hard drives in rugged terrain. Have a good day!
jkantola1 year ago
Why not use a short iron pipe with screw on end caps, much easier to make
Zaqq (author)  jkantola1 year ago
Because building it is the fun part! :)
Fortunately, solid state memory in thumb drives is not magnetic. Flux away!
Pfarmkid1 year ago
WOW!!! nice job. wish i had a welder so I could make one - no world war three action here though

Great Job! Best Instructable i have seen yet

iamallie1 year ago
AMAZING! That's really cool :)
I'd like to see you going through a security check at an airport with that unit. I bet you'll lose your flight
Zaqq (author)  Rangemaster421 year ago
I thought of that when I realized it looked remarkably like the pipe bomb from the Left 4 Dead video games.
eresendez11 year ago
Make an iphone case
Zaqq (author)  eresendez11 year ago
I would not want to sacrifice my iPhone for the tests. :)
rifakungen1 year ago
This is neat :) Though, there is already the Corsair Survivor ;)
Zaqq (author)  rifakungen1 year ago
Did not know those existed. I'll have to get one someday and create a competition, DIY vs Professional.
plantprof1 year ago
Nice project! Could closed-cell foam water pipe insulation work as well? [or even those closed-cell foam swim "noodles"?] Has there been any "chafing" of the foam by the USB as it is shaken inside the container in tests/normal use, and is green dust coming off? Good excuse to get a welder! [among others].
Zaqq (author)  plantprof1 year ago
I would think that the closed cell foam would work, but I do not know for sure. There has been no chafing that I have seen, and the dust was there only the first two times we removed the drive, the dust subsided afterwards.
A++! I really like this.

Where DID you get that wallpaper?
Zaqq (author)  emerson.john1 year ago
Thanks! Here is the link to the wallpaper:
That was one tough USB,
I think you should challenge the blendtech guy, and lets see Will it Blend?
astrong01 year ago
I love Instructables for one of the main reasons for things on this site, we build things because we can!
But the question is: Will it blend?
notimeoff1 year ago
There are times in life when everyone needs to solve a simple problem with and over the top solution.....I love this :-)
PS: my way of doing the same thing was go to a good tobacconist, buy a great cigar that comes in and tube.... smoke the cigar accompanied by some good beer, ( friends optional ), place USB drive in empty tube and bury in the backyard under a rock.
I honestly think this could survive a shock wave or even an explosin. haha very cool!
If you could cut steel the with that Chop Saw it isn't indestructible. You can add some kind of password to the USB and make it better for the data. You didn't protect that USB from magnetic erasers. It's a nice job anyway.
If the can is magnetic then it should deflect the field.
mrmerino1 year ago
I would have gone with a drab olive, but that's still really awesome.
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