Who doesn't love a good s'more? The wonderful gooey marshmallow, creamy melted chocolate, and the delightful crisp of the graham cracker.

They are a true pain in the tuchus to make though!

You have to get together all the ingredients, build a fire outside, keep it lit, toast the marshmallows, assemble the s'more, and all while fighting off the local mosquitoes! These days you are lucky if you escape with one complete s'more and you haven't burned yourself or contracted malaria.

Here we hope to help you construct that wonderful mainstay of summer comfortably in the safety of your own home. Because s'mores don't taste as good when you are suffering from third degree burns.

Step 1: Get Your Stuff

For this you will need the following -

Graham Crackers
Chocolate (Chips or Buttons work best)

You will also need -
A Micro Friendly Bowl
Aluminum Foil
Scissors (Don't use anything you mind getting gummy and washing later)
they dint sell grahams here....what do i do!
this is such a simple and awsome idea!!! good job!

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