Introduction: The Instructable Robo

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here is what you guys will love the most. " The instructable's Instructable robo" . This robo is made with the objects we find everyday at home. The inspiration of robo obviously you guys.... I have been doing quillings for a while now! But this is the first time, I'm publishing my work in such a big firm like yours :)

I'm thrilled and delighted to show you my work! Here we go ;)

Step 1: Quilling With the Objects You Use Everyday:

Picture of Quilling With the Objects You Use Everyday:

1. Quilling papers

2. Scissor

3. Glue (FEVICOL)

4. Comb

Step 2: The Body of the Robo

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Using the comb,which is used as the needle, wound the paper in the form of conical structure. Use multiple papers and start rotating a big circle and press it in the center. The result will be a conical structure.

Step 3: Creating Hand:

Picture of Creating Hand:

Chose little amount of quilling papers to form small conical sap which looks like a hand for the previous big cone repeat the same procedure.

Step 4: Creating Head :

Picture of Creating Head :

Using quilling paper, form a square shape for head and also create two spherical quilling for two ears and fix every thing together to form a head.

Step 5: Creating Eye and Leg:

Picture of Creating Eye and Leg:

Use quilling paper to create a small spherical shape for Eye

Create a Rectangular shape quilling for a leg and repeat the same for another leg hence fix the same at the bottom of the robo.

Step 6: Ballon Creation for Home

Picture of Ballon Creation  for Home

Create multiple quilling papers as ballon with different colours

Fix in Random Fashion for better look

Step 7: Creating Ballon Home

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Create a quelling For roof for House

Create 5 different cylinder for wall, follow the same procedure

Step 8:

Picture of

Step 9: Ballon House

Picture of Ballon House

Fix Ballon and House with different colour papers for thread for ballon House

Step 10: Entire Collection

Picture of Entire Collection

I have enlisted my entire collection in this Page

Step 11: Thank You

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kruthika (author)2016-07-31

Kudos bro! You are great at doing art works too! Keep going:):)

nanaverm (author)2016-07-20

Wow! Very cute. The balloons and house were so pretty!

AMARNATH S (author)nanaverm2016-07-21

Thank you @nanaverm

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