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Introduction: The Internet of Led Wall

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Here is the lovely tiny LED wall I made with Wio nodes. Every one can control it through the internet.

There are 30 LED bars on the board, each bar has ten led. Every one in every where can control every bar he/she likes with the API of Wio link. Here is the step to implement the Internet Of Led Wall.

Step 1: 1.Use the Laser Cutting to Make a Wood Board to Fix Every Led Bar in Sequence. Here Is the Details of the Laser Cutting Effect on a 5mm Wood Board.

Step 2: 2.configure Every I/O of the Wio Link or Wio Node.There Are 30 I/O for 30 Led Bars. Here I Used Wio Node Instead of Wio Link.

Step 3: 3.Connect the Led Bar to Wio Node Grove Interface With Grove Wire.

Step 4: 4.Choose the Number of the Led You Want to Control, Then Send the Relevant Parameter to the API of the I/O.

Step 5: 5.Then You Will See the Amazing Effect of the Tele-controlling Experience.If You Are Thousands of Miles Away, You Can See the Effect Through Live Broadcast!

The broadcast of my Internet Of Led Wall is here:



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