Introduction: The Invisible Face Mask !

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These days big brother is everywhere, with $10 or so worth of items you can build your own invisible "mask" to avoid any kind of identity exposure !

Here's a brief description as to how this works and why it's cool :)
You take a hat that looks good on you, hacking it to be a face mask for any kind of : Hidden, Security, Paparazzi or family member's video camera !
At the same time, when people look at you with the naked eye, they see nothing but you wearing a hat!
Now that's what i call stealth !

You can build it for as low as $10.00
-Materials Needed-
8 or more High Intensity IR LED's = $0.30 each that's $2.40
1 Hat/Cap that looks good on you = $6.00 you may have one all ready
16 Thin wires that i got from a 2 meter long UTP cable = $1.00
1 Electrical Tape = $0.80
-Total Cost = $10.20-

For a better understanding of the project and it's effect i recommend you view video !

Step 1: Step 1: the Hat

Picture of Step 1: the Hat

The first and most important piece of our project is the hat !

I chose a baseball hat because it's often bigger than your (my) head and all the parts can fit well inside and it won't scratch or hurt my forehead !

Make sure it looks good on you and it can pretty much blend the LED's ... In my case it had some writing on it and it was white so the LED's won't be very eye catching...

Step 2: Step 2: the LED's & Wires

Picture of Step 2: the LED's & Wires

Here we go...

Like i said in the "Intro" you are gonna need : 8 or more Infra Red LED's or (IR LED's) it's best to find high intensity one's, they don't cost much more then regular one's. (pic. 1)


Make sure your wires are long enough around (15cm each) depending on how big your hat is.
Start wiring up the LED's one by one, make sure the wires are secured well to each LED and they won't fall apart. You can even use solder to be extra sure but i didn't , i just rapped the cable around each LED pin then bent the pin horizontally . (pic 2,3)

Step 3: Step 3: Mark & Cut

Picture of Step 3: Mark & Cut

Mark & Cut

This part is also crucial, you need to pick good spots where you want the LED's to go. If you place them to far apart from each other the light beam won't be strong enough to blind a camera, and if you place them to close they will only hide your face from a certain angle... So you need to think this out and position them well.

Using a marker i first chose the spots .(pic. 1)
I cut a few holes with a pair of small scissors in the front (middle of the hat) and a few on the sides to get a wide beam . (pic. 2)

Step 4: Step : 4 Placing the LED's

Picture of Step : 4 Placing the LED's

Now to put them all together...

To make it easier i turned the hat's inside out.
Take each LED and place it tight in it's hole. (pic. 1)
Make sure each LED is secure and it won't fall out , you can even use glue for extra safety! (pic. 2)

Step 5: Step 5: Secure With Tape & Power Up

Picture of Step 5: Secure With Tape & Power Up

Now let's secure and power up...

Like shown in (pic. 1), take all the wires and using electrical tape tie them together, this is easier than any other way to arrange the wires inside the hat.

Make sure you remember each LED's plus and minus wire if you get them wrong you may burn out some LED's or risk some of them not working. I used white wires for each + terminal and color wires for the - terminal so i won't get them wrong later.

In (pic. 2) you can see that i connected a small 9v battery to the wires and secured them on there with electrical tape. You can even add a little on/off switch, but i didn't have one at hand when i made the project...

I placed the 9v battery on the inside back of the hat, then made use of some pocket like material that was in there, to keep it from falling down.

Step 6: Ready for Action !

Picture of Ready for Action !
Now your all done !

Thank you for taking the time to read and maybe (make) this project . (pic 1)

You can view a few pictures of how big brother will see you from now on ! (pic 2,3,4)

I recommend for a better understanding of the project and a preview of how well this affects video
cameras all around you please Watch the video !


NathanP56 (author)2016-04-26

Will this work during the day when the bright sunshine is shining? Anyone?

AntonN3 (author)2015-06-06

Just because there are multiple surveillance measures that we can't do anything about doesn't mean we should let them get away from the stuff we CAN help. I say do what you can. Fight the power!

Syntherstar (author)2014-11-16

'Big Brother' has also spy sats with very high resolution cameras. How can freedom loving people 'get rid' of them? In other words impossible?... until you can create some very clever stealth shield, because it's all about stealthiness. A blue sky means 'Big Brother' can see everything in high detail.

Rem: If you start to connect the dots and come to conclusions you wake up, and an awakening is what 'Big Brother' love to see happen.

marcolinux (author)2014-02-15




Years ago.

Blues Robot (author)2013-11-10

Could one use a scarf or ski cap for this project?

chalky (author)2008-06-23

cctv aint so bad

infact it makes me feel
kinda safe.
if you have nothing to hide
you have nothing to worry

diy_bloke (author)chalky2012-05-29

nothing to hide: please provide the following:
- a nude picture of you and yr wife/gf (or both)
- your bankaccount and pin
- masturbation frequency
- full description of your whereabouts the last month, including what you bought and how you paid for that
- full description or yr last sexual encounter
- names and addresses of all the people you slept with

Would you allow us to place a camera in your bed room? surely you have got nothing to hide.

CCTV might reveal things that are NOT illegal but still you dont want into the open. Say you are celeb, making out in a quiet parking garage with another celeb. You bet the cctv footage is gonna end up at some smut show.

Jgourlay (author)chalky2008-06-27

Chalky, please. The only people on the planet who have nothing to hide are the ones in the privileged position of defining what is "wrong".

kelvinmead (author)Jgourlay2011-07-11

i realise that this is from years ago, but what a belligerant statement...

i doubt there is a country out there that actively supports theft, rape, abuse, violence... terms that i, and many others would deem as wrong.

correct, i have nothing to hide, but i can guess that your general hoodrat will know right from wrong, but will take an active stance on the don't-care side of things.

chalky (author)Jgourlay2008-06-27

ok ok ok lets just agree to disagree then eh?? ps/ even though im right lol:)

Remote Man (author)chalky2008-06-28

hah You're a champ. : D

chalky (author)Remote Man2008-06-28

no mate we both are:)

omnibot (author)chalky2009-10-20

I agree, the innocent have nothing to fear. Any innocents around? Come one, show your hands!

tinker234 (author)omnibot2011-05-23

im incient and your wright you have no need to hide

xACIDITYx (author)chalky2008-07-03

But who's business is it what I'm doing? I don't have anything to hide in my room, but I still don't like people going through it looking for bad things.

chalky (author)xACIDITYx2008-07-04

yeah i know what your saying,but lets face it in the world we live in now CCTV is one of the best tools we have to identify and deter criminals/terrorist's and all round general nonce's!

heyzuphowsitgoin (author)chalky2008-07-07

yea you do have a point... but it can be looked at both ways. thanks to the patriot act i am probably on every FBI watchlist there is... and i'm 14. I really got nothing to hide... yea i hate our government right now.. i'm into explosives and im not exactly an itunes user but id rather not have a camera watch me. the cameras are so small now you can literally fit them into a crack in a wall, so if the government ever goes more corrupt then it is, well, we're screwed! also these probably will not work much longer because as cameras get cheaper they will probably start loading them with infrared blocking chips. Besides.. I'd rather not have a camera spying on me while I'm peeing in the bathroom... who knows where they have that? but yea i can see both sides of the argument

**** the paitriot act... It was all set up... 9/11 was used by both the guy who owned the towers and the government. The guy sued the insurance company and got 8 billion dollars for 2 buildings he paid ~500 million for.... The government used it to scare people into thinking we were being attacked on all sides by "terrorists" and scared people into the allowing the patriot act to be passed. Thus allowing the government to look at whoever they want, legally... Do you think we would allow them to do that wo/ any risk of terrorists? NO WAY! but ahhh!!! terrorists are attacking!!!! Let the Government search any thing i have just as long as they get those "terrorists"!

And whats worse? The average sheep-person of America believes them...

Its time to take back our country...

hg341 (author)Panzer_mike2009-03-20

I have not seen this for my self but a lot of my well know sane friends say that if you look at the vids of 9/11 you will see bombs go off in the towers before they are hit by the planes. also the gov had trust worthy information regarding 9/11 attacts but they did nothing??? also a internet based programi forget the name something with "box" in it gen random text and numbers this program before 9/11 said word like " new York " " fire in the sky " and "twin towers"

and for the government I don't trust a damn one of themmost of the laws are fuvked up like at 16 can have sex 18 can go to the army(and kill) and or buy a gun 21 buy beer??? the ages are all messed up if you ask me

heyzuphowsitgoin (author)hg3412009-03-21

These are all conspiracy theories. Just about as likely as the aliens who were behind it all. It's not THAT hard to grasp that there are some crazy people out there who do not like our free government, and were told all their lives that this was the correct thing to do. Why would they do something far more complicated? Why would the government want to do this? Even if it was corrupt under the bush, they would not have done anything like this. I'm not saying don't question your government; all I'm saying is use common sense! By the way, IT WAS THE ALIENS!! THE ALIENS DID IT! AND THE PYRAMIDS!

are you afraid to believe that someone, or group of people, could be "that" evil. I don't fully believe the attacks were planned, but i dont dismiss the idea either. anyways, im making one of these frickin hats. and also what about putting these around my license plate .... ya know ... just for shiggles.

Grey_Wolfe (author)Panzer_mike2008-08-29

Since we're on the topic of conspiracy. Do you really believe they weren't already watching? I wouldn't say that the 'average American' is sheepish, or that most of them believe the jargon. Simply that enough people with enough money believed it. Or at least felt they could profit from it. That is how most Acts come to pass, conspiracy or not. As for the insurance thing, insurance covers value, not cost of an item. Or however much you choose to insure it for. I'm fairly certain that the towers were valued at much more than the 500 million that was originally paid for them. Still, I'm not saying that we didn't know more about the attacks than admitted by our government. But I doubt there's quite as much of a conspiracy to it as some would lead us to believe.

sukinmaru (author)chalky2009-07-13

fairly sure nobody on this site is a terrorist.... I hope...

microdot (author)chalky2009-03-27

A quick google shows that there is potential evidence that CCTV systems may not actually deter crime.

It's not a substitute for the cop on the beat. The crooks will learn how to avoid detection (just like this innocent poster) or just move their activities down the street or around a corner.

Besides, even if you get video of a crime, you aren't guaranteed a conviction if you can't actually apprehend the bad guy. All too often these guys are gone before the cops show up.

I think it would be more effective to 1) have more cops interacting with the public. 2) address the reasons that people commit in the first place. (Is it drugs?, joblessness?) 3) encourage citizens to report crime and provide testimony in court. These are things that beat cops used to do because they had relationships with the people on their beat. Things that we've lost since we locked cops in theirs cars.

chalky (author)microdot2009-04-02

yes i see your point mate.But right now im sat down on the laptop at home and i have four cams one on each corner of the building and pointing on the car and to tell you the truth i could not now live without them! Im now too used too every time i hear a noise just flick through the cams and have a scout about,but still i see your point buddy cctv cams just move the crime elsewhere and now all the bad guys do is bally up!

Rhinomods (author)chalky2008-08-17

Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security. Benjamin Franklin

titancore (author)Rhinomods2008-11-09

john locke two treatises of that and come back to us. read up on some Rousseau as well......

Cool instructable! I have a couple camera shy friends that would really appreciate this. And all that talking about big brother made me think of the book "1984."

chalky (author)Rhinomods2008-08-17

And man who goes to bed with itchy bumhole,wakes up with smelly finger. Confucius 206 BC

ggiihh1 (author)chalky2008-10-13

Confucius say, Man who fart in church, sit in own pew.

RFilyaw (author)ggiihh12009-03-20

And baseball wrong. Man with four ball cannot walk.

hg341 (author)RFilyaw2009-03-20

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaI read this and laughed like hell

jamwaffles (author)hg3412009-03-26

same lol

wseehorn (author)chalky2009-02-05

OK, nothing to hide, doing nothing wrong, just what did you say your credit card and bank account numbers were again? Oh, and about that nude photo of you...... Privacy does have it's place.

DIY-Guy (author)chalky2008-06-24

That concept was invented and perfected by ... the Nazis. "If you're doing nothing wrong, why are you upset that we want to know everthing about you?" [Paraphrase] People deserve neither liberty or freedom if people prefer to live in a country-wide, or world-wide, jail. [Paraphrase]

chalky (author)DIY-Guy2008-06-25

no no no and no again, as i come from a jewish family i find even the mention of the nazis in comparison to this instructable offencive my friend! in the world we live in cctv is one of the most valuable pieces of kit we have in the fight against terrorism. and when you state""If you're doing nothing wrong, why are you upset that we want to know everthing about you " mate we are talking of cctv pictures of your face here,not some kind of mind reading device,i think maybe you may need to visit a doctor of the mind and get your paranoia sorted out mate lol .

Joanassie (author)chalky2008-08-04

chalky said something, but NOT about the instructable at all, DIY-Guy said the Nazis followed that idea, you overreacted by not understanding that this chain had NO MENTION WHATSOEVER of the Instructable until YOU stepped in. Read my above comments, imagine it's directed at you, and keep in mind that DIY-Guy was saying that the Nazis spied on Germans when they were in power and now the US government is spying on US citizens. DIY-Guy, if he WERE comparing this INSTRUCTABLE to Nazis, would have said something along the lines of "The basic idea of this Instructable was invented and perfected by... The Nazis," AND he wouldn't have been REPLYING to a COMMENT made by SOMEONE ELSE, namely chalky. chalky said something, but NOT about the instructable at all, DIY-Guy said the Nazis followed that idea, you overreacted by not understanding that this chain had NO MENTION WHATSOEVER of the Instructable until YOU stepped in.

chalky (author)Joanassie2008-08-06

i think you may have a problem with your keyboard on your computer mate,it looks like your CapSLoCk key keeps on sticking intermittently resulting in your text seemingly starting to shout out in my head in a rather spooky Xfiley type of typey.............

Joanassie (author)chalky2008-08-08

no, I meant to simulate shouting at the person I was replying to (I didn't know it was you at the time, somehow) and also, I noticed that I put a part in there twice.
Still, you know that your comment was partly related to the instructable, and now you know that DIY-Guy didn't mention the Instructable.

chalky (author)Joanassie2008-08-09

cool! so we are still friends then, yes?

Rye (author)chalky2008-06-25

Yup. The patriot act just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

James (pseudo-geek) (author)Rye2008-06-25

lol. so true, so true. They better be careful though, and they better be yelling that they are the police if they come into my house, or a few of them are going to get shot. I am very, very trigger happy. if you know I have a gun, and I'm in "kill" mode, you should be yelling at me to not shoot, before I see you if you want to live. (kill mode comes when I know you are a threat to me)

Rye (author)James (pseudo-geek)2008-06-25

Don't brag.

James (pseudo-geek) (author)Rye2008-06-25

don't talk. we all have things were proud of.

Rye (author)James (pseudo-geek)2008-07-30

Obviously :D

PizzaPlanet (author)chalky2008-07-15

I like how you represent the jewish people every where we need to stick together awesome!!!

Jgourlay (author)DIY-Guy2008-06-27

Actually, it was perfected by the inquisition. But we should let the commend stand as the idea that the acceptance of that idea is the nirvanic state sought by all totalitarians.

gdhenson (author)DIY-Guy2008-06-26

Spoken like a true criminal. Nazis have nothing to do with this DIY but somehow you try and equate our country with them. Amazing.

sideways (author)chalky2008-06-25

That's probably what the American citizens of Japanese ancestry were thinking until they were rounded up and put into camps during WW2.

gdhenson (author)sideways2008-06-26

That's better than what happened to the American's captured by Japan.

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