The Irish Carbomb!





Introduction: The Irish Carbomb!

Learn how to pour this St. Patricks day classic, The Irish Carbomb! This is a serious drink and is not intended for people with a weak stomach.

Here is the instructional video. Next I will break it down into steps.

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Step 1: What You Need

What you are gonna need for this drink,

3/4 a glass of dark Irish beer

a shot glass and a spoon

1/2 shot of Irish Whiskey
1/2 shot of Irish Creme.

Step 2: Layer the Shot

Gently layer the whiskey on top of the Irish Creme.

Step 3: Drop the Shot!

Drop the shot into the beer and get ready to chug!

Step 4: Bottoms Up!

Chug this one down as fast as you can and if you did it right, it will taste like chocolate milk!

If it takes you to long to drink or if you mixed it wrong, it will taste like %&*$

good luck and remember never to drink and drive!

Check out more of my DIY videos on my Metacafe channel...



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    Dang I would party with haha


    You might want to think about just calling it a Carbomb and drop the irish part. Wasn't really all that long ago folk were lossing friends and family due to real bombs in irland. i wont serve them when they are ordered that way. Its just a little disrespectfull when you take a minute to think about it. I'm sure you weren't meaning to get under anyones skin. just some food fer thought. heck i've worked at two pubs where the boss actually threw people out fer ordering them that way.

    droping irish from the drink would ruin it, there are other types of Car bomb drinks, the irish one involves irish whiskey and bailies if you order a car bomb, good bars would ask you which type....know your drinks

    dropping irish from the drink would be the sensitive and considerate thing to do


     I"m seriously suprised at the hostility here. perhaps it was my approach....
    So smile what other carbomb drinks are there?

    your surprised at the hostility here? aye,you probably are.who have you ever lost to a real IRA carbomb? im surprised this drink is not banned for having the most insensitive name on the planet


    there are a bunch, i remember some of em from my college days,

    then there are ones people made up like we made an offspring of irish car bomb called the suicide car bomb where instead of whiskey you put 180 proof everclear on top.

    plus how are drinks with the word Bomb in them any less offesive if you find irish car bomb offensive, if your that offended by a harmless name of a drink that has irish ingredients thus named irish car bomb, then maybe drinking isnt such a good idea for you especially drinks that require you to consume them quickly. my point was your being way to politically correct, that is rediculous

    something tells me the irish don't care