The Throne Dock for your iPhone and other mobile devices

Picture of The Throne Dock for your iPhone and other mobile devices

Unfortunately this throne production got killed by HBO after we received a cease and desist letter from their lawyers. (google "nuproto" and "HBO") We tried getting a license from them so we could make this product happen but we were denied the license from their lawyers. They cited that they had already license the iphone Throne idea to another company. Weird right? Well anyways that was back in december of of 2012. No company has made it till the day and since they didn't disclose which company we can't help them or offer them our rapid prototyping service. (8 months no product? they sure need it) 

Anyways This throne might have been killed by HBO but we went back to the drawing board and came up with a brand new Throne that clashes the style of two of our favorite shows and hopefully won't be killed by greedy corporate lawyers.

here is a link for more info


As many of you guys know the iPhone 5 doesn't have an official docking station from Apple. This has inevitably created a massive 3rd party race to create successful iPhone 5 docks. There have been docks made out of Legos, metal, wood, plastic, etc etc etc.
I jumped on the band wagon as well and started making a 3D printed docking station. I started modeling a 3D printed docking station but as I worked on it I wasn't happy with the results. It lacked the extra geek factor I look for when purchasing my own Apple accessories, it was mundane and just plain ordinary.

When people walked by my desk I didn't get any of the neck breaker double takes. So I endeavored in my search for the ultimate docking station design. Still, nothing out there was good enough so I started asking myself what was the ultimate sign of power and geekiness. Then while browsing the inter-webs I came across a 10,000 dollar life size 3D printed Iron Throne from the Game of Thrones HBO series. Then that's when I realized that the Iron Throne would make the ultimate docking station for any true geek out there.

For more of my work go to

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clapfilk11 days ago


Satrek1 year ago
It's like an affordable version of the life-sized one sold by ThinkGeek. Great work modelling and painting it!
mstyle183 (author)  Satrek1 year ago
thanks!! it was a lot of work but i'm very very happy with it.
its like seeing princess leia in a bikkini all over again


Its splendid :)


clickyummy1 month ago


Oh wow I absolutely love this!! So cool!!
mstyle183 (author)  Amanda Culbert2 months ago
BunnyRoger7 months ago
This is way cool dude! Wow....
mstyle183 (author)  BunnyRoger2 months ago
Mariska Botha7 months ago
mstyle183 (author)  Mariska Botha2 months ago
mstyle183 (author) 2 months ago
nerd747310 months ago
really cool
mstyle183 (author)  nerd74732 months ago
sunshiine1 year ago
This is a nice piece! thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day!
mstyle183 (author)  sunshiine2 months ago
MAApleton7 months ago
Very impressive. Though if you have kids around, especially boys that won't stay a docking station for very long hey... hehe
walkwest1 year ago
Hi that is a nice piece of art work. I have access to some very high end & large 3D printers so I could produce a solid (one piece) model for you.
If would ever consider releasing the stl let me know and I could build you one (free) and of course one for me. My son is a big George R. R. Martin fan. Regards
mstyle183 (author)  walkwest1 year ago
hi we are consulting with a lawyer but we might take you up on the offer.. can you private message me your contact info
CoreyCoop1 year ago
I wonder what the legality is of posting the files for others to print the chair themselves?
(perhaps anonymously?)
mstyle183 (author) 1 year ago
Made it to again!! oh and we got a cease a desist from HBO asking me to take down this instructable.. what do you guys think?
I know a very small amount about modelling, and my brain is crying looking at your screenies. Awesome work man, this is very inspiring and a cool project all-around.
mstyle183 (author)  h0n3y5un5h1n31 year ago
thanks man i put a lot of wok on this guy.. every polygon was worth it
mstyle183 (author) 1 year ago
i have the worse luck or someone in instructables doesn't like me very much.. Right after the contests i entered are over.. i get on the front page.. argg
asmith401 year ago
You wouldn't be willing to share the .stl for this, would you?
mstyle183 (author)  asmith401 year ago
i worked on this for months.. so i would like to hold on to it till i at least make my money back.. then i wouldn't mind giving it to open source community.
hello... so that now you suffer a takedow for this project, will you give your .stl ?
mstyle183 (author)  othar1 year ago
i need to consult a lawyer before i do anything.. sorry
Fantastic! I like your gluing technique. You could probably do a whole instructable just on that!
mstyle183 (author)  scoochmaroo1 year ago
made it to
mstyle183 (author)  scoochmaroo1 year ago
i tried everything and this was the best method.. i didnt see much about gluing 3d printed parts online but i saw people talking about melting plastic with acetone.. so i figured what better way to glue ABS than using melted ABS.. is also stronger than crazy glue and plastic glue.. and the best part it leaves no seams nor discoloration.. I'll make an isntructable about it and maybe a youtube video
asevilla1 year ago
Did you try Netfabb for making your model water tight? I swear by it! Great instructable, thanks for sharing!
mstyle183 (author)  asevilla1 year ago
i tried the free version of netfabb but it left a lot of non-manifold faces. So i tried magics from also used maya to clean up the model and find where the holes were
mstyle183 (author) 1 year ago
made it to
jromeo31 year ago
yours is a bit cooler than mine...
mstyle183 (author)  jromeo31 year ago
looks good man

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