Unfortunately this throne production got killed by HBO after we received a cease and desist letter from their lawyers. (google "nuproto" and "HBO") We tried getting a license from them so we could make this product happen but we were denied the license from their lawyers. They cited that they had already license the iphone Throne idea to another company. Weird right? Well anyways that was back in december of of 2012. No company has made it till the day and since they didn't disclose which company we can't help them or offer them our rapid prototyping service. (8 months no product? they sure need it) 

Anyways This throne might have been killed by HBO but we went back to the drawing board and came up with a brand new Throne that clashes the style of two of our favorite shows and hopefully won't be killed by greedy corporate lawyers.


here is a link for more info 



As many of you guys know the iPhone 5 doesn't have an official docking station from Apple. This has inevitably created a massive 3rd party race to create successful iPhone 5 docks. There have been docks made out of Legos, metal, wood, plastic, etc etc etc.
I jumped on the band wagon as well and started making a 3D printed docking station. I started modeling a 3D printed docking station but as I worked on it I wasn't happy with the results. It lacked the extra geek factor I look for when purchasing my own Apple accessories, it was mundane and just plain ordinary.

When people walked by my desk I didn't get any of the neck breaker double takes. So I endeavored in my search for the ultimate docking station design. Still, nothing out there was good enough so I started asking myself what was the ultimate sign of power and geekiness. Then while browsing the inter-webs I came across a 10,000 dollar life size 3D printed Iron Throne from the Game of Thrones HBO series. Then that's when I realized that the Iron Throne would make the ultimate docking station for any true geek out there.

For more of my work go to nuPROTO.com

Step 1: Modeling and cleaning up the model

So, I went to town and downloaded every graphic available of this throne and begin modeling every single detail down to the smallest gems on each sword's handle. This modeling task took me months to model and get it just right. I took a screen shot of a few of my many files (I have many, many more as this was a long, iterative process).

Modeling was actually the easy part believe it or not. Getting it non-manifold, "watertight" and without any holes was the greatest challenge. Basically all of the technical details which are essential when 3d printing. To give you an idea of the amount of work.. you see those little yellow dots on my model? each dot represents a non-manifold vertex that, after a few major clean ups, still needed to be fixed.

It was extremely painful and extremely time consuming. However, after I was done I had to make it thick enough to be printable (greater than 1mm) and skinny enough so it didn't take forever to print and use and absurd amount of material. Creating such a complex model is no easy feat in and of itself, and each step required more precision since I knew I was going to be printing.

<p>Very cool. Do you happen to have an Sti file you could share?</p>
<p>Its excellent :)<br><br></p>
<p>Its incredible</p>
<p>anyone know where to download this stl?</p>
<p>anyone know where to download this stl?</p>
<p>anyone know where to download this stl?</p>
<p>new instructable with bigger and better throne </p>
<p>Since the download is not available anymore and some people downloaded... would some of them be willing to share it? I really would like to print it to my iPhone.</p>
<p>btw rafaelbraz7@gmail.com</p>
<p>Very impressive. Though if you have kids around, especially boys that won't stay a docking station for very long.....</p>
<p>Thats cold</p>
<p><br>Thats astonishing<br></p>
<p><br>Its incredibly good :)</p>
<p>BEST ONE</p>
<p><br>Thats terrific...</p>
It's like an affordable version of the life-sized one sold by ThinkGeek. Great work modelling and painting it!
thanks!! it was a lot of work but i'm very very happy with it.
its like seeing princess leia in a bikkini all over again
<p>Its splendid :)</p>
Oh wow I absolutely love this!! So cool!!

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