Step 3: Interchangeable Custom Made Docking Stations

I wanted to give some of these docks as gifts during Christmas to some of my friends. However, not everyone has the same phone.. So while modeling this Iron Throne Dock I kept this in mind. When I constructed this dock I kept the opening big enough to fit my phone and other phones with or without cases. I made the bottom part interchangeable so that way I could make custom pieces that would accommodate different phones. So far I've made attachments for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4s, and Galaxy Samsung S3 (or any microUSB charger). I'm currently in the process of making some more adaptive trays for other people who would like to get one of these.

<p>Very cool. Do you happen to have an Sti file you could share?</p>
<p>Its incredible</p>
<p>anyone know where to download this stl?</p>
<p>anyone know where to download this stl?</p>
<p>anyone know where to download this stl?</p>
<p>new instructable with bigger and better throne </p>
<p>Since the download is not available anymore and some people downloaded... would some of them be willing to share it? I really would like to print it to my iPhone.</p>
<p>btw rafaelbraz7@gmail.com</p>
<p>Very impressive. Though if you have kids around, especially boys that won't stay a docking station for very long.....</p>
<p>Thats cold</p>
<p><br>Thats astonishing<br></p>
<p><br>Its incredibly good :)</p>
<p>BEST ONE</p>
<p><br>Thats terrific...</p>
It's like an affordable version of the life-sized one sold by ThinkGeek. Great work modelling and painting it!
thanks!! it was a lot of work but i'm very very happy with it.
its like seeing princess leia in a bikkini all over again
<p>Its splendid :)</p>
Oh wow I absolutely love this!! So cool!!
This is way cool dude! Wow....
really cool
This is a nice piece! thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
Very impressive. Though if you have kids around, especially boys that won't stay a docking station for very long hey... hehe
Hi that is a nice piece of art work. I have access to some very high end &amp; large 3D printers so I could produce a solid (one piece) model for you. <br>If would ever consider releasing the stl let me know and I could build you one (free) and of course one for me. My son is a big George R. R. Martin fan. Regards
hi we are consulting with a lawyer but we might take you up on the offer.. can you private message me your contact info
I wonder what the legality is of posting the files for others to print the chair themselves? <br>
(perhaps anonymously?)
Made it to Wired.com again!! oh and we got a cease a desist from HBO asking me to take down this instructable.. what do you guys think? http://www.wired.com/design/2013/02/got-hbo-cease-and-desist/
I know a very small amount about modelling, and my brain is crying looking at your screenies. Awesome work man, this is very inspiring and a cool project all-around.
thanks man i put a lot of wok on this guy.. every polygon was worth it
i have the worse luck or someone in instructables doesn't like me very much.. Right after the contests i entered are over.. i get on the front page.. argg

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