Step 4: Printing and glueing model together

Picture of Printing and glueing model together
After planning, modeling, cutting, and many sleepless nights I was ready to push the literal button on the 3D Printer. This one throne dock took about 4 print jobs. All printing was done down to .2 mm level of detail which increases both the level of detail and the amount of time printing.  Print job #1 took about 24 hours of printing. Print #2 #3 #4 totaled to about 18 hours. So basically the print job took a very very long time. However, the wait was worth it!! The amount of detail on this dock is incredible!!.. you can see the gems on each sword handle!!

The final step was to glue the parts together, sand, and prep for painting.

Since my printer uses ABS plastic (not PLA), I glued the parts by melting small pieces of ABS in a cup  using acetone. This makes a very fine and sticky paste that is brushed on using small brushes. As the acetone evaporates and dries out... the paste becomes solid and fuses both pieces together. This process gives excellent results that leaves a seamless effect.  Everything else like crazy glue, two part glue, plastic glue, etc are all horrible and leave very bad seams and discoloration.