Hey guys, this is my new Jamassault pistol. If you can't work it out, it is the Jamalam-Assault pistol. The SOPMod (Special Operations Peculiar Modification) extras make this gun incredibly versatile.

This can be a fun side-arm without any extras, an accurate repeater with the long barrel, a steady, comfortable innacurate repeater with just the stock, and a formidable accurate, comfortable war gun with the complete set. I'll add more as time goes on.

It shoots reasonably far, with some power. Not as much as I would Ideally like, but about 45-50 feet with 2 rubberbands tied together. I'll add videos at some point.

This gun also features a new type of handle. It is angled between 45 degrees and 0 degrees, at such a point that makes this so comfortable.

Version History
  • V1.0 - A fun little side arm attempt with a cool handle. Great for playing with, quite powerful.
  • V1.1 - I modded the mag to hold more.
  • V1.2 - I decided to post it, but it wasn't quite as original as some of my other stuff. So, I made some SOPMod extras and here we are.

This is a great gun, all around fun, versatile and useful in a war situation, if you want to change stuff.

Side arm - 4.5/5. The range is average for a sidearm (I've built a few before), and it is generally fun and reliable. It has yet to jam on me.
Assault rifle - 4/5. The range is a downer here, you would want ever so slightly more power in a war situation, but its reliability and comfort make up for that.
"Sniper" pistol - 4/5. It has alright range, slightly down with the barrel mod (40 ft tops), but the accuracy balances the whole thing out again.
Primary war gun - 4.5/5. It is versatile, light, agile, accurate(with the barrel mod on) and very reliable. A must have.

I guess this could be my sidearm, but TJS is a bit like TDS... and it just isn't right. Besides. Jamassault sounds awesome!

This is really a must build. Why? It rules, of course!

You like it? You do! Then lets make a start on the buildy buildy part of buildyness!

EDIT: after i got #64 rubberbands, the proper range is 45 ft max with nothing on, and 40 ft wwith the barrel/

Step 1: Handle, Trigger, Main Barrel, Magazine.

This is a bit of a hard step. I was really lazy, but this should be easy enough. Look at all of the pictures, see what you can do. I might try and update the instructions if you want me to.
Pictures 1-6 - Main gun part.
Pictures 7-10 - Finishing the barrel.

Step 2: SOPMod Extra 1: the Removeable Stock.

Here is is, first SOPMod Extra. The stock is easy to put on and take off, as will be shown in step 4. The Stock will bend to an extent at the joint, allowing extra comfort and allowing you to keep the gun still while running.

Step 3: SOPMod Extra 2: Removeable Accuracy Barrel.

This is the barrel. Again, easy to put on and remove, as shown in step 4. This will increase the accuracy, but (not significantly) reduce range by about 5 ft, depending on how much power the thing has in the first place.

Step 4: Connecting the SOPMod Extras, and Rubberbands, Loading and Firing.

How to connect them to the main gun, if you are having trouble.

Basically, the Stock slides on from the side, and the barrel clips on from the bottom and sides. Look at the pictures for more help.

The rubberband pictures should be simple enough.

To load, put white rods in the magazine, put the pusher in. Pull back the firing pin, and pull the trigger. You shouldn't "Dry Fire" (fire it with no ammo) the gun, it will destroy the purple connector in the mag pusher. If you really wanted to, take the pusher out and do it. I don't see the point... but if you want to... Have fun with the Jamassault pistol!
(> <)
The Jamalam
can you make better instructions please! ( im really new to this stuff)
Don't bother building this, go for my TJOS1, it's better.
thanks for the advice
Its not exactly amazing, its not exactly bad. Ntohing new, nothing special...<br /> <br /> <strong>BOOORINGG!</strong>
It's a shame that you aren't the real dutchwarlord though, isn't it?<br />
but i agree with him<br /> <br /> it is same old same old
It was something ok in may.<br />
i thought the gun was great nothing ive seen before and besides looking at their guns theyve got nothin to brag bout
May 2008 to be precise.<br />
&nbsp;oh&nbsp;<br /> well srry then :)
no he isn't he's just a freking noob
YOU FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
&nbsp;Would it work if I used a gray rod instead of the black one or is this gun like superultramega powered?
Could I mod this to take MBAR mags??<br />
looks like the Nerf recon CS-6!&nbsp; (i think)&nbsp; =D
&nbsp;nice...<br /> <br />
looks like the knex side arm rsn-33 crossed with a spiff.
the rsn-33 was posted way after this, and the spiff is diff
mag looks like spiff.
it is a $piff mag.
No it isn't.<br />
It shoots the same ammo.<br />
Just cuz a gun shoots the same ammo doesn't mean it's the same gun, DJ.
Yeah, it just looks different, but the same design and function.&nbsp; <br />
<p>Yes, but not all guns that shoot white rods use the same mag.</p>
True, but they work pretty much the same. The spiff has a better trigger though.<br />
<p>Well most all mags work the same.</p>
it fires white rods and is covered by an arcing plate.
ace ur great best buds
hehe, you wont even be able to guess what im building right now... (the location of this comment should give you a vague hint, but im talking about the features)
Jackal V3?
I dont even know what to call it... but yeah that would be a leading contender for the name... You wont be able to guess what features it will have tho.
Months after I posted the forum.....<br />
The Jamassault pistol must be very un-reliable, get it? JAMassault? Huh? Huh? Oh well, I like it, its neat not original, but it looks nice. Contrary to the name (lol JAMassault) it looks like it works very well, good work!
good gun im makin a scope now
i modded the trigger and other things now its awsome
&gt;:-(<br/><br/>This is your worst build yet. This gun is good, but compared to your other guns, its not giving me that &quot;Jammy good&quot; feeling.<br/><br/>3.5* Sorry if I offended you in any way. Just saying the truth after oblivitus did.<br/>
I'd argue it's my best build yet. Build it, and You'll be surprised. And 3.5 is pretty low... you mind boosting it?
your worst build ever man...
I think you've established that.
whoops, I thought I pressed cancel on the comment box.
Ya, this is definitely not your best build...
IMO, your best build was either the storm 223, or the storm 220 v2.
And if it's good, why the low rating?
3.5=good on the rating scale.<br/>
the full version kinda looks like an assault rifle. 4.5*

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