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Looks like a jellyfish swimming in you shot glass. Learn how to make this crazy party shot to amaze your friends! Check it Out!


Heres a cool layered party shooter thats easy to learn and fun 2 make.
all you need is some irish cream, some creme de cacao, a lil ammeretto a few drops of grenadine, and a spoon.

SparkySolar9 months ago

so cool

WOW! thats awesome? hope you dont mind if i steal the idea? :p
EviLNinJa (author)  mollypierucci7 years ago
what are you, a bartender? U can feel free to recreate this drink, however the concept is copyrighted by me, here and on www.metacafe.com lol glad you liked it, they taste great too!
Too late. My roommate was making these for us after having learned this one years ago at mixology school. It's a fine treat, though, so good job on spreading the word. The more people who know about it, the less time I spend explaining it to the bartender!
First time I had something like this was in 1991, in college. IIRC, the clear liquid we used was reddish, leading us to call the drink a 'brain' rather than a jellyfish.

Hope the OP was joking about the 'copyright' line.
Are you referring to a brain hemorrhage or a brain shot? They're similar in that they all contain bailey's irish creme The differences? The brain hemorrhage (AKA alien brain hemorrhage) has peach schnapps. The brain shot has shaken strawberry vodka and lime juice...and the bailey's is added through a straw instead of being layered. They're all interesting looking. I'm just curious if you meant either of those or a different drink altogether.
Copyright by you? You only have to google the drink and find it plastered all over the internet in bartender books and other publications. On Google : Results 1 - 10 of about 606,000 English pages for jellyfish drink. (0.26 seconds), that is "Filtered" results, I do not include language specific sites so the true total may be in the millions.
jrh1437 years ago
Is anyone else having trouble getting their first two layers to stay seperate? I can go as slowly as possible, or as quickly, in as many different variables as i can think of, but I just cant keep the first two layers seperate! What the hell!?
EviLNinJa (author)  jrh1436 years ago
What you need is to try different brands of creme de cacao and amaretto. Different brands have slightly different densities.

Check out a Drink Density Chart http://www.drinknation.com/bartending/densitychart. For more instructions on layering drinks, check this out... http://www.drinknation.com/bartending/howto_layer.php
The link to the page changed. I grabbed the updated one for anyone (like me) who just found this epic 'ible.

Thanks a lot for the info and for the links! Excellent resource for the hobbyist like myself. I'm gonna try the syringe thing next time. Great tip!
Seishiro jrh1436 years ago
I believe it helps if the liquids are chilled... I'm not really sure how you're doing it, but in my experience that has always been the issue when I try to layer drinks.
jrh143 Seishiro6 years ago
Thanks for the reply. My ingredients were chilled at the time. In fact, I always chill my liquor prior to a party (saves on ice). I'm guessing it has more to do with brand of ingredients, like EviLNinJa (above) suggests, as well as technique. Thank you still for your input!
jeff2896 years ago
Very Awesome i'll try that at my next party
osgeld7 years ago
ive had this before but now i know how to make it (and exactly how much that yahoo at the bar was getting me for) thanks!
boonokian7 years ago
sick. that is awesome
Hoaxinmi7 years ago
Yah I was thinking bloody brain also...aka the aborted fetus
dancook7 years ago
mmmm good bar tending job there batman.....might have to go look in the cupboard for some booze...
EviLNinJa (author) 7 years ago
Yea it is similar to the brain and also the duck fart which uses midori instead of the schnapps. Thanx for watching! check out my other Videos on my myspace... www.myspace.com/sonicintox
That is amazing! Looks cool, I could like throw it on somebody and they'll get all scared. Good Instructable!
Scupper7 years ago
looks pretty good. Very similar to the shooter Bloody Brain. Bloody brain is made up of Irish Creme, Grenadine and Peach Schnapps.