"The Jerky Making Machine" - a low heat meat drying oven

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This is the first of (hopefully) many instructables made by the crew of "the boys house" wich is a 90 square meter garage that 10 guys are renting together to make stuff, cook stuff, brew stuff and fix stuff.

In this instructable I will be showing you how we modded a refrigerator into a jerky making machine, or a low heat meat drying oven.

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Step 1: The Fail

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We went to a flea market and found this crazy looking thing (pictured) the flavor wave oven delux, a quick google found a video of Mr.T who endorses this oven, competing with george forman.

Anyway we "had to" use it so a long story short,,,  we stripped the fridge of everything, the motor in the back, the plastic from inside the door and all wires except the ones going to the lightbulb inside the fridge.

Drilled, and hacked our way through the top of the fridge, and through the freezer box, put this amazing oven thing on the top.  stuck a thermometer in the fridge, it produced a great amount of heat,  we celebrated too soon, opened a few beers and got some meat and made jerky,,  the jerky tasted awesome, but the freezer compartment melted badly,,, FAIL   

back to the drawing board.


Step 2: What you need...

Picture of What you need...
A fridge = free if you hunt around
A jig saw =   its pictured :)
A drill =  and a few drill bits  for various tasks
A Leatherman = a must for all jobs
A space heater = small floor type
A few beers = if you are of age
A few long electric wires
A Thermometer = good if it records highs and lows
and probably a few more things that will be in the steps later on