Introduction: The Jet Model

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 This is a model and does not fly too far , but it is good to keep in your showcase if you are collecting paper airplanes. This is my first upload in and I hope you like it. I took the pictures with my Nintendo 3DS so I hope it is clear.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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Just Take an A4 size sheet. It's more than enough!

Step 2: First Fold

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Fold it into a half and crease it well.

Step 3: Opening

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Open it up.

Step 4: Triangle Fold

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Fold it from the left corner to the line you made with the crease(usually done to most paper airplanes).Do the same process for the right corner.

Step 5: Small Fold

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Fold the lower-right corner and the lower left corner.

Step 6: An Equilateral Triangle

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Fold the lower part upwards until it looks somewhat like an equilateral triangle.

Step 7: Upward Fold

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Fold the lower right corner to the topr point. Repeat the same process for the lower left corner. Then Turn it back.

Step 8: X Diamond

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Fold the middle corners and bring it to the center.

Step 9: A Little Push

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Now this is the complicated part. You have to push the back, and put it in. I hope you get the result as the second picture. It's not very clear.

Step 10: The Final Touch

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If you were able to complete the nineth step you can now make the wings - Which you all should be knowing.

Step 11:

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At last complete!!! I hope you all liked it. My suggestion is to put it up on your showcase if you have on. It's your choice!!! Enjoy!!!


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