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Introduction: The Joker (Batman: the Dark Knight)

About: My name is Lina Toro, I live in Medellin, Colombia and I´ve been a makeup artist for more than 5 years. I´m a self taught makeup artist specialising on editorial makeup and special effects.

This halloween makeup was made last year using common materials such as toilet paper and regular commercial makeup ( I recommend using very cheap brands because they usually make their products thicker and you can get more product for less price).

The wounds on each side of the mouth, were made using a thick "base - mix" consisting of liquid latex and little pieces of toilet paper (the proportion depends on the type of softness you'd like, the idea is to achieve a dough type consistency).

I recommend making the shapes of the wounds before you start applying the makeup, then it"s all a matter of letting the latex dry and applying using latex as a glue (don't apply the latex pieces too close to the mouth so the person can speak and laugh freely).

Like I said before applying the latex pieces you'll need to start applying the white foundation. I applied a light coat of latex on the skin and then asked the person to make funny faces so the dry coat of latex would crack a little and make the surface look rough. Don't forget to do the same all over the latex pieces on the person's face.

Then,after you've done this; apply a light base or white powder, I used Maicena (yes, the one you cook with!). To make the face look even more cracked and achieve longer duration on the makeup, after you finished powdering the face, tell the person to close their eyes and spray hair spray. As it dries it gets a better look on the face.

With the foundation on, it's time to proceed with the eyes, use a black cheap eyeshadow all over the eyebrows, on the eyelids and under the eyelids as if you were applying the eyeshadow forming a "panda eye pattern".

To finish the look use a thin red lipliner and red lipstick ( be choppy about it, you don't want it to look like you carefully did it...and remember to apply lipstick and lip linner on the latex pieces) .

There you go...that's it! if you want further explanations you can always ask, I'd gladly answer everything you'll need to know.




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    By the way, how did you do the purple suit? Did you just happen to come across a purple one, or did you have to spray-paint it? Love the costume though.

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    He had an old purple suit , belonged to his dad I think, just an old suit; but the spray painted idea will work as well

    Hey, where's the green hair?!

    Lol, awesome makeup work, great costume. 4.5/5 stars.

    3 replies

    thank you! glad you liked it! I think he got a green wig but I didnt got the chance to take any pictures then ;)

    That's what's missing. I was trying to figure it out. He needs to have green hair. There are some stores that sell temporary Hair dies, in different colours. I used green hair die for St. Patricks day, up here in Canada a few years back.

    Love this instructable btw. Great job!

    thank you! I did a very cool two face last year, will probably upload it soon ;)

    lol i thought he was goin to actually do a magic trick......

    Me was joker!

    Easiest way to do the suit I would think (or how I was going to do it before I ended up dressing as something else) would be to get a cheap white or light gray suit, use soak it in color remover for a day or two, wash it, double rinse, then just grab some Rit purple dye (I prefer the liquid) and soak that for a day or two (starting it in boiling water) till you get the right purple.

    Without makeup, you look like the gotham mayor.

    is there a way to add close up photos and or separate them? i can't see the detail of the mouth cuts?

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    I wish I took closeups!..the thing is  a friend of mine took these images of the process of me aplying the makeup...

    I did the makeup and I didn't have a camera near me so my friend took them  and made the collage..I think there's a closeup of the mouth somewhere on the photos they took at a party that day but I'll have to ask and see if I can find a way to get them...

    I'll be checking and trying to upload something more clear if I do find those shots on my friends photo albums or something....

    thanks for your interest thought :)

    Thank you for taking the time to post it, great job!!!

     Hey this costume is super nice and this is what I am gonna be for Halloween this year. where did you get the suit? cuz mine is black

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    thank you for the kindness...actually for this one I didn't have much to do on the clothing and how they pulled the outfit together....I think he told me he found everything on a thrift store somewhere and he used some old shoes and old pants he had already.

    it would be fantastic to see your costume I bet its going to look awesome!

    This is wonderful! Sadly, I am allergic to any costume, or face paint, or I would do this!