Ever since childhood, almost every american male has been a fan of the Batman. But you can't have the hero without the villians, right? So DC comics created fun characters such as the penguin, catwoman, bane, and of course the joker. The joker was always my favorite (and still is) so i decided to re-create his killer joy buzzer with a more "Friendly" voltage. My 9v buzzer consists of nothing more than spare parts and some cheap stuff from radioshack, so it was a relatively cheap project to make.

soldering iron w/ solder
screw driver (phillips head)

3 batterys with connectors
electrolyctic capacitor
project box   
speaker cable
momentary switch
joy buzzer

Note: to make this instructable i had to take apart my buzzer and then put it back together for pics, so i decided to boost the power a little bit from 1 9v to 3 9v batterys.

Step 1: Prepare the Housing

To prepare the housing for the buzzer, drill a 3/8" hole in the center of the top of the box. after that drill another hole that is 1/4" big.
how high of a voltage could you go without hurting someone, or having a stun-gun effect/
<p>it isnt the volts that kill you it is the amps,,,i have had a 330 volts hit me before it hurt a little but it did not kill me</p>
It's pretty cool
<p>That's cool! XD</p>
<p>hey buddy just a hint for the future do you reckon you could of put in links for the components needed for this project I am trying to get some of the pieces for a school project but finding suitable equipment for this task is becoming a tedious and extremely painful task.</p>
where did you get the joy buzzer?

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