The Joule Thief. I found this device on accident. I was searching for a WORKING decision maker and found this on accident. It can power many LEDs.

The inevitable: I make an instructable on: the Joule Thief.

This is a great circuit to teach children about electronics especially inductors and coiling considerind it contains so few parts and is so easy to make...

Let's get started.

To get us started, I have a video.

By the way: I had forgotten to put the arrows for the LEDs...sorry.

Step 1: Materials, Materials, Materials

You will Need:
3 ultrabright white LEDS
1 "dead" battery (with 1 volt left.)
1 2N3904 Transistor
1 jumper
1 handmade inductor or two pre-made. 
1 Solderless breadboard

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