This is the beginning of a great adventure. 
Materials list:
- 2 satellite dishes
- rolls of reflective tape
- 2 1x1 mirrors (at least 1x1)
- metal rack
- pan
- table with no legs
- screws, drill, screwdriver, scissors, knives/box cutters
- silver/metallic silver spray paint (to make it look good)

Step 1: Tape Tape Revolution - Tape Up Those Satellite Dishes

The first step is to grab the satellite dishes. Clean off all the dirt, dust, spider webs, etc. If you have mirrors instead, clean those. Make sure that the satellite dishes or mirrors are shiny and spotless. This does not really do anything since you will be taping over it. After cleaning, cover the entire reflective surface with reflective tape. Make sure there are no creases. If there are, use a card to scrape off the creases. 
Very cool! I always wondered if you used an old school dish, 10' dia might be able to melt lead... The solution of using small dishes is not only portable but looks about right for cooking. Great project guys!
<p>Nice use of old satellite dishes!</p>

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