This is the beginning of a great adventure. 
Materials list:
- 2 satellite dishes
- rolls of reflective tape
- 2 1x1 mirrors (at least 1x1)
- metal rack
- pan
- table with no legs
- screws, drill, screwdriver, scissors, knives/box cutters
- silver/metallic silver spray paint (to make it look good)
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Step 1: Tape Tape Revolution - Tape up those Satellite Dishes

Picture of Tape Tape Revolution - Tape up those Satellite Dishes
photo 1 (3).JPG
The first step is to grab the satellite dishes. Clean off all the dirt, dust, spider webs, etc. If you have mirrors instead, clean those. Make sure that the satellite dishes or mirrors are shiny and spotless. This does not really do anything since you will be taping over it. After cleaning, cover the entire reflective surface with reflective tape. Make sure there are no creases. If there are, use a card to scrape off the creases. 

Step 2: Mounting Position - Attach the Satellite Dishes onto the Table

Picture of Mounting Position - Attach the Satellite Dishes onto the Table
The next step is to plan out where you want to put the satellite dishes. If you want, you can outline the desired position of the dishes onto the table. When you are certain where you want the dishes to go, drill the holes into the table and screw them down. Make sure the dishes are screwed on properly. It is important to screw on the satellite dishes well so that if there is a gust, it will not blow off.

Step 3: Mirrorception

Picture of Mirrorception
Below the satellites their is a base made up of a metal crate and inside there's 2 mirrors.  First find a metal crate which has big squared wholes approximately 2x2. In the bottom of the crate put two mirrors which are making a "v" shape. This will cause any reflection, that is not hitting the top of the pan, to hit the bottom. Thus, heating the bottom of the pan. The mirrors are very important because its the thing that will heat the pan. This can cause an even higher temperature reach. 
zikzak11 year ago
Very cool! I always wondered if you used an old school dish, 10' dia might be able to melt lead... The solution of using small dishes is not only portable but looks about right for cooking. Great project guys!

Nice use of old satellite dishes!