Introduction: The Joy of Painting a DIY Dress

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Hi DIY divas!

This week's video is a tutorial with a purpose and it was inspired by Michael Jackson's Black & White video. And I added some Bob Ross flavor to it too ;-) I loved how MJ would use his music videos as a platform to entertain but also to inspire and share his message. I always felt so hopeful seeing his beautiful videos. He IS the King of Pop but also the King of Storytelling and to this day I haven't seen anything like that.

The DIY dress featured in this video is perfect for Spring and totally in alignment with the athleisure trend which is all about comfort with a sporty touch. And I love comfy clothes!

Make it even more personable by painting your dress and embellishing it with things you love. I love people which is why I wanted to use my DIY dress as a canvas to paint all the beautiful colorful people in the world and some iconic figures I've gotten to love (growing up) such as Mr T, the turtle ninjas, Frida Kahlo, Yemanja, Amie Winehouse's hairstyle is so beautiful and unique, catwoman and much more!

Enjoy this DIY tutorial, be creative and have fun making it!

What you'll need:
- 1.5 yards/meter of stretch fabric - 2x or 3x this if you're plus size
- thread
- fabric scissors
- paint (I used acrylic paint)
- paint brushes
- hair dryer (optional)
- pins
- sewing machine (I use Brother DS140

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Thanks for watching!

Step 1: Use an Oversized Dress and Cut the Shape. Then Cut the Neckline

Step 2: Use the Sleeves and Cut the Shape Using the Remaining Fabric

Step 3: Pick Your Favorite Colors and Create a Palet

Step 4: Saturate Your Brush and Paint the Faces. Let It Dry

Step 5: Then Start Painting the Hair to Your Different Characters

Step 6: Place the Sleeves on Top of Each Other, Pin the Side and Sew It

Step 7: Fold Your Dress Double, Pin the Sides, Sew It and Hem the Bottom

Step 8: Turn Your Sleeve to the Right Side and Place It Inside the Dress. Pin and Sew It


xxlauraxx made it! (author)2016-03-30

I love this, very inspiring!

I see Enid from Ghost World in there. :D

pinkchocolatebreak made it! (author)pinkchocolatebreak2016-04-06

Thank you!! <3

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