The K-2: K'nex Slamfire Rifle





Introduction: The K-2: K'nex Slamfire Rifle

Introducing the second in my line of new and innovative guns: the K-2 slamfire full-auto burst.

The K-2 is a pump action rifle, but unlike nearly every other gun out there, it has no trigger.  As the pump (its a handle pump) is pushed, the gun fires fully automatically, up to 4 shots.  It has an eight-shot turret, but would be compatible with a tr18 turret, allowing for more shots and more rapid fire.  

The key to this gun is in the pump, which only engages when it is being pushed and disengages when being pulled back.  This allows it to trigger the hammer as it is moving forward, and then simply slide past it when you are resetting it.

Problems and fixes:
8-shot turret: I only have the pieces for an 8 shot turret, which puts this rifle at a disadvantage because it goes through shots so fast and because an 8 shot turret has a big gap between shots, allowing for the hammer to misfire if the turret doesn't get its shot in place before the hammer is set off.  Simply adding a tr18 turret would solve all these problems.

Power:  Because the hammer is not as strong as it should be, it breaks if any more than two number 64 rubber bands are put on it.  Although making a stronger hammer would be simple, it may require some remodeling of the rest of the gun to accommodate it.

Other potential mechanisms:  The pump was originally designed to rotate a cog, however the spacing between the teeth did not match any possible diameters for a cog that I could come up with.  This is why the gun has to have handle pump rather than classic pump.  However I have come up with two different mechanisms that will fit between the pump and the gear, making the spacing of the teeth in the pump irrelevant.  This will allow for many new possibilities, including a trigger-fire full auto that can be "recharged" simply by pumping the gun.  

Hope you guys like it, I've been working nonstop for the past 4 days on it, so better like it!




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    Wow, Kinetic, you're always surprising me!

    Thanks! I hope that I apply it to other mechanisms; that would be great.

    Profile picture, I went to da Da Vinci Expiditon in London.

    Make it smaller. A lot smaller.

    I mean make it so that the turret doesn't move with the pump. The way he has it set up just makes it huge.