The "K-Rotator" a Knex Fixing Tool





Introduction: The "K-Rotator" a Knex Fixing Tool

Hello All readers,

I am making this instructable because we have had a lot of uses for a slow rotating device for glueing things for repairs.

This particular time we blew an air hose on our big motorhome and decided to fix it ourselves, we had to go cycling that day and if we glued it we would have to keep it rotating to stop the glue from slumping to the bottom.
So this is what we came up with: The "K-Rotator", It can be made stronger but we only had 3 minutes to build it and get it running.
We have used this style rotator in the middle of Australia over two years ago to fix my Dad's glasses that he broke and it worked well he still uses the glasses today!

This is just a base model that you can customize to suit your needs for example; if you need it to rotate slower just gear it down, if you need it bigger - make it bigger!

K'Nex is very versatile and strong so you can use it for just about anything, forget about those $35+ machines made for just one size and ONLY for rotating... after you have fixed your item you can play with the K'Nex again!

So this is how we get around rotating something for hours on end.



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That is a very clever idea! I can definitely think of a lot of uses.