It is a true semi automatic gun. Pulling the trigger pulls
back the ram and fires the shot.

Range is 30ft with 2 new #64 rubberbands. (potential range of 50ft)
If you put more than 2 bands on, you will get more range.
This gun shoots as far as you are strong.You can put on as many bands as you want, it wil just take more effort to pull the trigger.

YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!!!!!!! ITS EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: warning

 This is a highly advanced gun, it takes alot of skill to build and use it, unless you are a knexer. And you know who you are. TO sum it up, this gun is more advanced than other guns and it is not recommended for newer builders or even moderate builders. This is an advanced gun. 
Awesome! This is the first semi auto gun I've made that actually works.
how will ammo go in there with that white rod stuck in there??? (i am new at this stuff)
dude... it;s a turret. that's how turrets work.
10000 now
11000 now
thankyou! and now 9000(:
9,226 <br>views ITS OVER 9000!!!!!
wow! this works great! <br>
i built it its awesome <br>
I made this gun and it is awesome 5*
what do you mean exactly by auto turning the trigger, do mean just snapping back after to pull it?
The trigger confuses me. Does anyone have better instructions?
Anyone got a vid of this? I want to see the gun shoot.
Can you explain the 2nd last picture?<br> <br>You said &quot;make the other side&quot;, does that mean there is a third plating to the group?
No there is not a third plating. basicaly you need two of what is shown in the second picture, just without the blue rods. When he says make the other side, he is referring to this. I can provide further detail if needed.
can you tell us how to make one thing on the turret please
Look up instructions for a tr8. that will show you how to make the turret
Lol even if you rat it .5 it stays at 5* XD (don't worry I changed it back to 5*)
i have no flexy rods :-( will it work with out them?
hey how do u make the grey turningweel thingy u dont have any instructions on how to make it :(&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; good gun soo far though and it looks cool<br />
HOLY&nbsp;CARP!<br /> <br /> This has 8,000 veiws already!
&nbsp;I KNOW! Woot! Hiy five hiya!&nbsp;
you say it's 3 but I can obviously see 4 blue spacers<br />
&nbsp;yea i have it wrong in the ible :)
no, you are just trying to be misleading :P<br /> jk
lolz! good x-mas? I got the watch i wanted (the one in my avatar...)
&nbsp;NICE! i got 8000 knex pieces and an iphone3Gs :)
i got 4- 900 pice tubs i think thats 3600 pcs??? i dont no i not good @mafs (speling eether)<br /> <br />
you realy got that many!&nbsp; it does work with 3 blue spacers.&nbsp; by the way it is 7:49<br /> <br />
&nbsp;yes i got 8000! if you have skype i will show ya :) here it is 1:12 pm
no it wasn't it was 1:13 pm<br />
<p>haha!! LOL</p>
&nbsp;I got socks and 20 pounds
sweet! i also got a wii and band hero :)<br /> But a 3Gs! That's awesome! It takes video, right?
oh, no problem<br />
awesome! this gun is the highest rated knex weapon on ibles!
Dude! This, is amazing!&nbsp;<br /> THIS PASSED THE TR18 IN RATING!!!!
I rated it 5* again and the rating actually went up! WTF?!?<br /> <br />
&nbsp; I rate 5* and boosted it to 4.12*!!!&nbsp; Waoh man, like all your guns are 4* or over!&nbsp; Congratulations!
&nbsp;thankyou :) and yes, most WERE but then i got hit by haters.....
my friend made this gun. sorry that haters wer stupid. I&nbsp;rated 5.0!<br />
&nbsp; Darn those haters...
Erm, on step 2 pic 1, there are clearly 4 blue spacers but the note says 3; is this deliberate or accidental, and which is correct?&nbsp; I can't imagine it making all that much difference either way to be honest.
Looks alrady gave it 5 Stars...........Enough Said.