Picture of The KING of K'nex RBGs: the Gnasher Shotgun
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This is my favourite gun I have ever made (out of k'nex). It is a working model of Gears of War's Gnasher Shotgun (my fav video game gun).

This is a 8 shot semi automatic RBG. Different from other RBG's, you must break the lever (bring it forward) to initiate another shot. The gun is capable of taking heavy pressures, so feel free to lay on the elastic power.

I apologize in advance for some of the pics having poor picture quality. Just ask if you need clarification on any of them.

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do.


Ps: if you hold the lever forward and then shoot, all the elastics fly off at once.

Step 1: Build the Hand Guard (lower part of the lever)

Picture of Build the Hand Guard (lower part of the lever)
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Build exactly what you see here to construct the hand guard part of the lever (the part you put your hand in. The upper part also acts as a trigger guard.
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I'm so against knex guns but this thing is so cool! I might make it now:D
I love this replica so much. YOU ARE AWESOME! Gears of war FTW!
I love this replica so much. YOU ARE AWESOME! Gears of war FTW!
This gun works amazingly and is a great replica. Great job. I moded it for pump action with a simple lever system and strengthened everything so it holds like 30 bands. XD
tlyman3 years ago
ive built it all, followed instructions, but my trigger doesnt fit in like yours does... i really dont know what to do. so its all built perfectly, but it just cant shoot. so overall AMAZING replica of the gnasher
ALEXBUF4 years ago
yeah how does that bottom part connect to the top part
wizkid77 years ago
Nice gun, steps a bit unclear but I managed to build it. It does not have semi-auto firing, You must cycle the gun.
in blatent terms it is semi-auto cause you dont need to but a new bullet in every time
No, Semi auto is one bullet per trigger pull, without having to re-cock the gun afterwards.
Semi automatic shotgun, unless theres buck shot, multiple projectiles are fired.
HK.RBG.armorer (author)  narutokid2014 years ago
Correct. Any weapon that requires manual cycling of the operating mechanism and allows continuous discharge of several projectiles is known as a semi-automatic weapon.

If this were a one-shot weapon, it would not be. Further, if this gun were to discharge multiple projectiles in quick succession via one trigger pull, it would be an automatic.

But you guys know that.

I'm just glad to see so many people are still interested in this gun. I regret selling my 25 000 pieces of k'nex now, I have a jonesin to make this again.
I want to build this but it looks like more parts than I have right now and 40 STEPS wow seems hard
ferrari4846 years ago
I made some upgrade my self: i made it longer the middle 2 rows whit connerctors and rods so rubberbands don't get squeezed and slow them down and the bi-pod from morretti SR-4 just for some fun Ow and i still need to add the mech upgrade. And whit the right rubberbands 6-7m almost accurate.
HK.RBG.armorer (author)  ferrari4844 years ago
This is a pretty awesome mod to my original design dude (or gal).
it is a little of it is more like 5m if you got the right rubberbands
nice airplanes
yeah thx
how do you put the green connecter on
kellykell5 years ago
on my pc i cant see a picture
well i love rbgs mostly semi auto but i wanted to u know have a pump the make the exprince better u know soo its the lever makes it like a real good gun so ima gonna get a 5 tubs of kenex soo it better be worth it................................. and trust me i will upgrade it but the crank stays u rock XD.. upgrade the gun so its longer and more aqurate so KEEP IT UP
sony4444445 years ago
i cant see nothing
i got no problem at all,
kellykell5 years ago
i thought this was a rod gun
I've added a simple barrel so that instead of shooting rubberbands, it shoots ammo. the ammo is a red connecter + green rod + orange conecter. After each shot just simply place it in then break lever than shoot =]
dylan12345 years ago
 nice can i have the part list i am semi new douse it have any brokin peies?
An Villain5 years ago
i won!
it's been three years and I still consider this to be the best gun of all time. i'm still in awe.
This looks EPIC but it looks like it takes a lot of parts, does it use a lot?
you guys must be blind, i can make this perfectly fine
dud can you duel wield these
HK.RBG.armorer (author)  sniper crazy7 years ago
I suppose you can, although when it comes time to break the lever, you might have to pull a schwarzenneger (lever it with one hand, then catch the grip) which could turn out breaking the mechanisms or the gun itself, but good luck with that lol
Dont worry, i made one a while ago and i could flip it with ne hand.
Lol, ill mod this so that:

A: Looks like a Model 1887 (Cod 6) 

B: Make a stronger lever for akimbo

C: post a mega pwnage vid. Lolz.
this is *&^@!#$! ausome!!!!!
stopanator5 years ago
alright sorry to say but i cant build this cuz it is wierd how we connecting the bottom amd top?
FlutterTree5 years ago
With the power invested in me, I hereby declair this gun, The King Of All Knex RBG's.
part list
does it shoot rubberbands

might build tomaro
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