The KRTG- First Knex Release Trigger Gun





Introduction: The KRTG- First Knex Release Trigger Gun

Wow my 3rd instructables and tis is my first month. Just earlier, I had been stumbling along innovative knex guns and foldable knex knives when i saw that i should make my own!!! I failed completely!

So that creation led to this awesome release trigger knex gun which to fire you release the trigger!!! Note that the trigger is not hard to hold and you may need some pieces for this.
Basicly you load the un put behing the trigger, and release and it fires out. It shoots around 29 feet and really powerful when first released. Note: This may look fugly!!!

Step 1: I Feel Sorry If You Can't Complete This Step

Build easy note that there are 4 white rods with 2 blue spacers.

Step 2: Add the Wubber Bwands

Add Add Add

Step 3: Loading and Fwiring

Simple and easy hold like how my skinny hand does, release and fire



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    Sorry, KBF did this. And it's not exactly a good concept, it just shows that you don't get gear ratios and how to flip a trigger rotational force round.

    KBF is who? Knex_Builder_FZreak you mean? I just thought that up...

    hey should i delete this ible? its not really good anymore, any my "Innovative Knex Grenade is getting more hits faster than ever b4

    Do you wanna do stuff oompa loompa style? No. Don't delete an ible, unless you have a really good reason.

    I do, infact more than one, 1.This gun is BS (bull poop) 2 this gun SBs(Sucks b*****) 3.Someone said i copied off someone else. 4. this was something i spent not long on first actual real gun(i discovered instructables and knex guns like a few months back so im kinda new to the idea)

    Well, ok, if it's really BS and if it really S B's, then delete it.

    nvm now, search my TBAP review, its my only recorded voice online, and i sound very high pitched and girly, its my camera,infact i have a drumming low sound

    ? It isnt getting a lot, last I checked, it had 30 something views.