The Key Clip Holder



Introduction: The Key Clip Holder

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This little key clip is to hold any small stringy things(earbuds) and itsy bitsy objects and this also can also just fit perfectly into your pockets and is a easy to carry useful thing to bring even if you have no pockets so get your car keys and lets make it,......just kidding by the way don't use your car keys please

Step 1: The Keys

just get some old keys that are about the same size they dont have to be exactly the same size and stick some adhesive on the base of the key

Step 2: Attaching the Keys

just attach the key just like how on the picture(i had tested and used hot glue before so thats why its not clear i do not suggest using hot glue it doesn't stick well) after that your done hope you enjoy! (also put keys on both sides)



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